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    [help]Mangos>Ubuntu9.10> UDB or YTDB problems

    hello everybody

    it has been around 5 months i have been on this great forum.
    I watched the great guides you make to compile and set up WoW servers.

    i tried arcemu but it crashed too much and i didn't manage to compile it correctly, so, i tried mangos instead.
    i compile and host on Ubuntu 9.10.
    i compiled the 8901 just fine and before to add quest/npc database my server worked fine.

    i tried UDB database (UDB_0.11.6_Core_8734_SD2_1480.sql) i applied it to mangos, then launch mangos and then i have got the messages that maybe my database isn't updated etc..., i tried the updates (0.11.6_additions) in vain (syntaxe errors) because it isn't updated that often on the svn site so there is nothing to work properly with 8901 revision yet and i haven't the qualification to update it myself.

    so i tried the YTDB and i downloaded the r52 (21+ the update to 8902 ( not 8901 ).the installation and the update of mangos database run flawlessly but i have now a prob when updating the characters database: when i try to apply 521_corepatch_characters_8828_to_8873.sql and 522_corepatch_characters_8873_to_8902.sql, i have this message:

    ERROR 1054 (42S22) at line 1: Unknown column 'required_8828_01_characters_instance_reset' in 'character_db_version'

    i suppose that it is because i have the mangos 8901rev and not the 8902?

    In this case my realmd and worldd work both, when i type my account/password i can log in, i see the realm ON but i can't enter within (can't enter in the realm to create a character for exemple), nothing happens ,

    On the git site of the mangos source i tried to find other revisions , and i download all the new ones i find, for now, just in case there is a UDB or YTDB update for it.

    actually i have got the 8901,8918,8955,8957,8962 sources.

    can anybody have the amability to redirect me to a link where i can find a UDB or YTDB database for one of these?


    a 8734 or 8818 sources (I have the UDB database for these 2 sources), or a 8828 or 8902 sources (i have the YTDB for the 8828 and the update to the 8902).

    ok, my "novel" is finished.

    thank you anyway for the ones who had the patience to read it,and sorry for this kind of request.
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