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    [request] Looking for two kinds of server.


    I played WOW about a year back during TBC. I liked the PVE side of the game and liked arena apart from the terri bad balance.

    Normally I'd just resub if I wanted to play WOW again, however these private servers with custom content interest me. I'm looking for recommendations for two servers:

    1: A PVP balanced server. One where the developer has gone to the trouble of fixing the terrible balancing act we call WOW

    2: Custom PVE content: This could be in the effect of new raid bosses, event and the such. Things that I wouldn't find on blizzard servers.

    Any suggestions?

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    Alright, iam not sure if you are looking for TBC server or Wotlk, normal pvp or instant pvp, high rate or low rate...but i will give you some suggestions about higher quality servers.

    All servers i suggest here are mangos based or with the new trintiycore or trinitycore2 emulation, they have the least bugged wow servers available currently and all classes work fully in comparison to other servers with different emulations.

    2.4.3 TBC servers:

    If you love Arena and TBC, there is one really good Tournament server and has pure Arena fights, instant lvl 70. If you love Arena only & TBC dont look any further. All classes and all talent trees work fully here with minimum bugs.

    PvP/normal server with pve elements like on retail, Blizzlike 1x rates. This server has fully scripted pve environment, also mobs are scripted aswell all instances. It has no donor gear or vote gear. Probably one of the best TBC blizzlike servers available.


    Wotlk 3.1.3 servers:

    If you are looking for an instant lvl 80 wotlk server without donor/vote gear and fully working classes aswell all talent trees, thats probably one of the best currently. Its a french server but also international ppl are playing, most ppl are online at european prime time around 400~. This server has also the option to raid and the world works fully. I play myself on this server and it is just great, i can recommand this one a lot to everyone who is looking for instant wotlk pvp, almost no bugs for every class.


    Iam not sure about wotlk normal servers there are some around but i didnt test them, they have the same great emulation and almost bugfree and balanced gameplay aswell.

    i.e. Mystery Project

    This one has vehicle combat aswell which is very rare on private servers currently....

    All in all you will find a lot more servers probably also servers with much more players online, but you wont find always balanced pvp and fully working classes. It depends also what you want, servers without being based on mangos or triniycore i.e. Aspire/Ascent/Arcemu/Hearthstone/ have a lot more bugs and broken classes than on the server i did recommand.

    I would advice you to check out some of the servers i did mention and compare them to the others you will find much more easy than those special ones here. You will notice huge differences in gameplay quality.

    Dont know about pve custom content servers, maybe someone else can give some hints.

    Have Fun
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