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    WoW Queue Manager

    Hey fellas,

    so obviously many of you are playing on Elysium. However so many people are playing that the server is overloaded constantly. On Monday I came home from work and found myself being the 12500th person in queue. I managed to log in at 11PM so the only thing I really did was to check my char is in fact in an inn, turned it off and went to sleep. But, during the time I was in queue I made sure I was not in such situation again.

    I wrote a Queue Manager - click here to get the AutoIt au3 file

    • You need basic AutoIt knowledge to update the script. Time is the most important comodity for me and I don't want to waste it on updating a script so that it's fool proof when it might become useless when Elysium decides to open additional server(s).
    • You need to have an english client.

    Q: What does it do?
    A: It checks your position in queue and, if you want to, sends an email to you as to what position in queue you are.

    Q: Ok, that's cool but how will it help me get in game?
    A: Well you can start the script in the morning, periodically be informed about how the queue looks and when you're out of the queue, it will start the game with your selected char and anti afks so when you come home you're already in game.

    Q: Hasn't Elysium just announced they will be banning any anti AFK systems?
    A: Yes they did, and to be honest it's kind of a dick move to be AFK in game for the whole day / night so other people cant play. So don't be a douche. Check in the morning and if the queue is only a couple of thousand put in a delay so the script starts just an hour or two before you get back from work. The most ideal scenario is the script logging you into the game just when you come back so there is no AFK at all. I'm able to do it pretty consistently.

    What needs to be done on your part:
    1. Download and install Tesseract - an open source OCR
    2. Download and install ImageMagick - this will update your screencaps to make the OCR possible
    3. Go through the script and update necessary things like your email, wow pass, screen position of the queue window etc.
    4. Start the game, log in and wait for the queue prompt
    5. Start the script
    6. Check your phone for email notifications of your position in queue
    7. Enjoy being able to ACTUALLY EFFIN' PLAY

    Also, when something happens with the queue, ie you get disconnected, the script will still continue logging you back in trying to get you in the queue again. However, if you get DCed after you've logged in, you're screwed. However, pretty easy fix. If you're going to use the script I trust you are capable of solving that problem.

    If you have any questions, shoot.
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