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    The EASIEST 2.3 Guide EVER! (Yes, its that simple!)

    NOTE: Okay, lets get the clear: I wrote/coded/made NONE of the contents of this pack (just repacked it and wrote the guide). It's pieces of Pico's repack and lord tom's noobpack. Yes, this is actually ascent, and yes it is 2.3.0. This is NOT a 2.1.3 pack. The purpose of this pack is to make setting up your own private server as EASY and QUICK and PAINLESS as possible. The instructions are incredibly simple:
    ANOTHER NOTE: This may take a while to set up/download because I included the US Maps already!

    ANOTHER ANOTHER NOTE: The US Maps for this private server are included, Sorry EU users!


    1) Go to: (SITE HERE) To download the server installer (The Maps for US are included)

    2) Go to the location where you installled it, click 'start mysql console', its an
    MS-DOS Batch File.

    3) Okay, so theres a third. So what?! Click Ascent Restarter, and start the consoles in the following order:


    ADITIONAL INFO-------------
    You can set your realmlist to and login with a premade Admin Account with the username 'test' and pass 'test' *Of course, without the quotes ' '

    You CAN make this server public

    This is a 2.3.0 server (There should be guild banks and Zul Aman)

    These file/files/package may be redistributed as long as you credit the original creators

    You can make new accounts In-Game for a friend or something without the need for a webpage with the following commands:
    .createaccount [username] [password] 1
    .account flags [username] 8
    .account level [username] az

    account level [username] az will make them admin. if you do not want the new account you are making, find the other GM levels by searching the website and replace the az with the GM level/code!

    If you plan on using a program like NaviCat or SQLyog to edit the deafult info, the accounts are on a table called Accounts *at least they should be*
    I was too lazy to copy->Paste the FaQ, so view it HERE:
    Again, +Rep not me, but Pico for the upload! (+Rep me too, i packed into a fancy install! lol )

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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    Don't include map files next time

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