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    How to Compile mangos under a linux cli environment

    The following is a tutorial for compiling MaNGOS on a Linux-Based OS from the cli..., if you're not "good" with *nix, this guide is not suited for you!

    I'll try to help you installing mangos with your limited-user privileges.

    Required Software:
    • A Linux-Based Operating System
    • GCC 3.3 and above (suggested latest) (using: GCC 4.2.2)
    • make (using: make 3.81)
    • libtool (using: libtool 1.5.24)
    • automake (1.5 and above. Suggested latest one) (using: automake 1.10)
    • autoconf (using: autoconf 2.61)
    • glibc (using: glibc 2.7 - install headers too)
    • mysql 4.1 or above (suggested 5) (using: mysql-server 5.0.51)
    • OpenSSL (using: 0.9.8g-2 - install headers too )
    • subversion (using: subversion 1.4.5)
    • zlib (using: zlib 1.2.3)

    In order to get a running mangos you'll need to install all the above, before proceding.
    (you could need python and some python's libs too...just check ./configure output to get a hint on what you need)

    Now, let's begin...
    NOTE: you need to change [user] with your user!!!
    You need to get latest src mangos' tree from svn:
    • Create a new directory on your hard drive. For example: "/home/[user]/src/mangos"
    • execute this line: svn checkout /home/[user]/src/mangos
    • (optional) retrive "scripts" package you like and install it in the right spot.
      Instruction provided for every "scripts" package (read the README)

    Time for the compile!!!
    • Create a new directory on your hard drive. For example: "/home/[user]/opt/mangos"
    • from a terminal browse to /home/[user]/src/mangos (aka cd /home/[user]/src/mangos)
    • execute: autoreconf --install --force
    • execute: ./configure --prefix=/home/[user]/opt/mangos --enable-cli --enable-ra
    • execute: make
    • execute: make install

    Congratulation...your LATEST mangos is compiled now...and placed in /home/[user]/opt/mangos

    Remember to edit configuration files in /home/[user]/opt/mangos/etc in order to get it working


    this guide doesn't cover how to set up your database or how to extract dbcs or maps/vmaps (you need to place them in /home/[user]/opt/mangos/share)
    You need all of these if you want to have a "running" mangos.
    If needed i could cover Mysql and Scripts steps...just ask me...NOT in PM please.

    Credits goes to all the people involved in mangos development...and feel free to tag this as a repost
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