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    How to make a Wow server using ac web ultimate reapck

    hi i am going to tell you how to make a wow privete server. first off you need wow 2.2.x. next youneed to get ac web ultimate repack 7.1 whic can be found at AC Web. make an account. It is free. then go into downloads and go into the repacks section and find ac web ultimate repack 7.1. download it and then go into the folder and if you want U.S.A maps click map extractor.enus.rar. Extract both the files to your Wow folder and then open ad.exe crab some coffe or watch some tv cause it takes a while. when it is done cut the maps folder from wow and into your ascent folder wich is inside your repack folder. Yay you are all done setting it up now here is what you do. You have a choice if you have a fast computer just hit control panel adn hit launch server. If it dose not work it is cause MySQL us not loading fast enough so just follow the next step. go into your server folder and find MySQl the one that says just that not anything else. waite until it is done loading. Now go back to the server folder if you left it and click the icon that just says Apache. now go into your ascent folder and click ascent and logon server. waite untill it loades and then when you are done go in your wow folder look for and change it so it looks like this

    set realmlist

    delete evry thing and leave this ( you have to typ in and that is all nothing else can be there.

    the only account that is ready with out making new ones is account: admin Pass admin

    log in under that and have fun. please tell me how i did

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    Re: How to make a Wow server using ac web ultimate reapck

    +rep good guide thanks!



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