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    Nostalrius and Others Vanilla Server FIRST Mount GUIDE

    Ok, you might know this, but for those who don't, here's the deal :

    Snapjaws (Good farming spot for level 30-31)

    On the coastline from Alterac Mountains - Silverpine Forest there are level 30-31 Snapjaws. These drop good vendor thrash (same as turtles in Shimmering Flats, but lower level)

    Shimmering Flats (Good farming spot at level 31-34)

    The Eastern Part of Thousand Needles (Better known as the Shimmering Flats) is a place with a few pure grinding quests which are fun, and can last a level or so, people would be surprised with the amount of money with that level, but wouldn't bother to look it up and advance.

    Now, this is where i come in I had stopped playing my Mage and tranferred all his gold and used it, then i started playing again.
    So, I had to get money, this is where I started grinding.
    After 20k exp (or 35 mins) i had gotten 5g richer, this would mean, 6-7 g an hour at level 34 (I had completed 3 qs in those 35 mins)

    This is a lot of gold when you grind 31-34 (30 is just to low) wich allows you to maybe even buy your talents AND your mount !

    This is very useful, especially since the money comes from vendor thrash (this is great on new servers, where greens/blues don't sell for tons)

    So you'll have it alot easier to live through those hard levels !

    I hope this was useful

    Lake Nazferiti (A good farming spot for level 36-40)

    For level 34-36 The Venture Co. Goblins , at Lake Nazferiti are also great for grinding.

    If you are a skinner:

    Go to the Jungle Thunderers or other gorilla's, they have good vendor thrash.

    (Lesser) Rock Elementals in Badlands (Good grinding spot from 37-40+)

    Also, we have the Rock Elementals in Badlands, nice vendor thrash, don't forget to sell the stones on AH (Elemental Earth, Solid Stone, the things that are not makred "grey")

    For Dragonscale Leatherworkers

    I suggest going to the Whelplings in the Eastern corner of Badlands , you get scales, they're casters (low hp/AC!) and they drop a whelpling pet once in a huge blue moon .[

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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    Nice guide

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