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    [Mangos] How to Compile Your Own Mangos server

    Required Software

    * A Windows Operating System
    * A version of MS Visual C++:
    * http://www.microsoft.com/express/Windows/ (the Project is likely NOT yet to build in 2010 even if there are project files)
    * Filebeam - Beam up that File Scottie!
    * A way to get the source.

    Installing Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

    1. Download http://www.microsoft.com/express/vc/) from Microsoft
    2. Install

    Getting the source tarball from github

    1. http://github.com/mangos/mangos/tarball/master
    2. Extract to "C:\sources\mangos" (You may need a program to do this with. I use winrar)

    Compiling MaNGOS using Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

    1. Browse your computer to "C:\sources\mangos\win\" and double-click (open) the mangosdVC90.sln file.
    2. In the VC++ application window select Build->Configuration Manager from the menu.
    3. Select "Release" in the drop down for "Active Solution Configuration" "Active Solution Platform" should default to "Win32" (on a 64Bit OS, you can try x64 for more performance). Do not change this.
    4. Close the dialog.
    5. Now select Build->Build Solution from the menu. (Note: If you had an error or are having problems with the build you can select Build->Clean Solution to "reset" the compilation.)
    6. Your MaNGOS application will now begin compiling.


    This may take quite some time depending on the speed of your processor. You WILL get various warning messages. This is expected and should not alarm you. When the process is complete you should see a message like "Build: 11 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped". The key is to make sure that failed = 0. (If you are doing an update of an existing build you may get a message like "Build: 3 succeeded, 0 failed, 8 up-to-date, 0 skipped". Again, no failures so you are in good shape.)

    The files needed to run MaNGOS are now in your "C:\sources\mangos\bin\release\" directory. You will need to copy any *.exe and *.dll files you find in this directory and place them in the directory where you plan on running MaNGOS. (i.e. "C:\MaNGOS")

    You will also need to retrieve the *.conf.in files from "C:\sources\mangos\src\mangosd\" and "C:\sources\mangos\src\realmd\" and rename them both by removing the ".in" or ".dist.in" from the filenames.

    You still must configure MaNGOS before running the server. This guide only covers compiling the binaries to create the application.

    I hope this guide Helped i am doing the Best i can Thank you and Good Luck!:wave:
    Credits to mangoswikki
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    Just me or this on here twice?
    Well once again.

    Search feature.
    I'm going to go take my happy ***** to make sure I'm not going crazy.

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