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    How to set up your server WITHOUT HAMACHI

    I figured this out a while ago, and decided to help anyone who has been wondering how to set up a server without Hamachi.

    Step One:

    1. Open your Internet Browser. (Firefox. Internet Explorer.)
    2. Go to DynDNS.Com and create and account if you don't already have one.
    3. Log In, and click on the "Services" tab.
    4. Now, Click on Dynamic DNS.
    5. Click on Create Host.
    6. Fill out the fields. Leave everything default except wildcard. Make sure it's checked.
    7. Click add host, and your done with part one.

    Step Two:

    1. Go to Start. Then Run.
    2. Type. C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\
    3. This will open a folder, Click on Host.file and open it with Notepad/Wordpad.
    4. At the end of the file add the following.

    Code: (Dynamic DNS)
    (Internal IP) (Dynamic DNS)
    (External IP) (Dynamic DNS)
    Dynamic DNS = The DNS you just created at DynDNS.Com

    Internal IP = Your IP of the computer you are running the Antrix server on, This can be found by going to Start, then Run. Typing in CMD, once the Windows command Prompt opens type in "ipconfig". You will get a readout the one you are looking for is "Ip Address" it normally starts with 192.

    External IP = You outbound ip assigned by your ISP.

    5. Save and Quit.

    Step Three:

    1. Open your AC Web Ultimate Repack folder which is saved in your C:\.
    2. Open the Ascent folder.
    3. Open your Realms.CONF file with Notepad/Wordpad.
    4. Change

    RealmCount ="2"> It should say 2, not 1.
    5. Change

    <Realm1 Name = "YOUR REALM NAME"
    Address = "YOUR EXTERNAL IP:8129"
    Icon = "PVP"
    Colour = "1"
    Population = "1.0"
    TimeZone = "1">

    <Realm2 Name = "YOUR REALM NAME - Local"
    Address = ""
    Icon = "PVP"
    Colour = "1"
    Population = "1.0"
    TimeZone = "1">

    That's what it should look like. You should have two realms. If your confuesed, you can watch the video, and it can explain it better.

    6. Save and Exit. Your done with part three.

    Step Four:

    *Note: I know this part confuses A LOT of people.. So, Watch the movie. It's so much easier.*

    1. Find out what the IP Address is, which allows you to connect to your router. I know Netgear is If you don't know.. Ask your parents, a friend, or your routers help line.

    2. Once you connect, it should ask for a Username & Password. The username is Admin. The password is either admin, or password.

    3. Forward the following ports. If you don't know how.. Ask.

    *Note: Don't use DMZ! It doesn't work. Period.*

    3724 - 3724
    80 - 80
    3306 - 3306
    8129 - 8129
    8093 -8093
    6112 - 6112
    3036 - 3036
    8050 -8050

    4. If your router has a built in firewall, disable it. Along with any windows firewall you have. Unless you know how to set an exception.

    Step Five:

    Connecting to your Ascent server.

    1. Open your World of Warcraft directory.
    2. Copy your, and rename the second one to (This is so you still have the live server addresses.)

    3. Open your in Notepad/Wordpad.
    4. Delete everything, and add "set realmlist"
    5. Save and Exit. Move on to part six.

    Step Six:

    Getting your friends to connect to your Antrix server.

    1. Have them open their World of Warcraft directory.
    2. Have them make a copy of their original, so they can still play live WoW.
    3. Have them open in Notepad/Wordpad.
    4. Have them delete everything, and add "set realmlist (Your Dynamic DNS, which you created in part one.)
    5. Have them Save, Exit & Connect.

    Thanks for listening, rep would be great.


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