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    Repack cataclysm client 4.3.4 working 95%!!

    Now after much thought I am going to post the repackaging of my tasting server written up to 4.2. Currently the database is in progression and this is the content of 4.0.6 it is a very very good repack I would say it is one of the best but you will have to try it yourself, I bought it a long time ago from the owner of emucoach we paid a lot of money . It has nothing to do with the emucoach they use today, but hey, I share it with you.

    The server is the closest thing in its day to the official one, with that I say that the subject of Rates of some things cannot be touched only by modifying the player_xp_for_level table in this way it reduces what is necessary to raise each level.

    all quest chains work from hyjal 100%, infralar 100%, uldum 100%, vash'jir 100%, twilight highlands is at 80%.

    Content from vanilla wow to cataclysm at 98% in both dungeons and missions.

    all functional battlegrounds, tol barad and conquest included.

    balanced classes and working perfectly,

    100% working starting areas for both worgen and goblins, including all other races and classes.

    For now, I will release the database with the full 4.0.6 patch available in the future. I will launch the new database with 4.1 or .4.2.

    To start repackaging, just use Start MySQL.bat and then you can run the worldserver.exe and auth services.
    Whoever got the ssleay32 libraries error etc should download this file and install it:
    Those who want to play with XP x1 put this SQL in the WORLD database: Download

    To create an account, put in the console of worldserver.exe once the server is loaded this command, acc create (name) (password) then to give it the maximum range of gm go to the table account_acces and put where gmlevel 10 leaves the realmdID - 1 which would be all the realms.

    DRIVE: Download
    MEGA : Download

    One thing if people see that there are no portals where to orgrimmar or stormwind is because you have to break the chains to unlock it, I say it so that later they won't say it's wrong! Greetings!
    discord k4s1#4135

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    Hi @k4s1!

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful repackaging with other players.

    It really has some search bugs and luckily you specified how to set the GM level, because otherwise I would have abandoned this repackaging as well.

    It would be great if you also made versions 4.1 or 4.2 available.

    Thank you once again for this wonderful repack.

    Sincerely, a simple player!

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