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    [Release] ArcaneCore Legion 7.3.5 Free Repack

    What's in this repack?
    Config files,
    DLL files,
    worldserver,- and bnetserver.exes
    datafiles (cameras, dbc, gt, maps, and vmaps)
    Pre-configured MySQL server with databases
    Pre-configured mysql editor to connect to your repack server
    Some direct link files
    Become VIP to remove Advertisements.url
    Website support.url
    Discord support.url
    Account types.url

    What can you expect from this Repack?
    (Legend: ☑️ = its available, implemented and/or fully functional -❌ = its unavailable, not fully implemented and/or not functional properly)

    Battle Pet System

    Player versus Player ☑️
    Player versus Environment ☑️
    Duel ☑️
    Celestial Tournament ☑️

    Battle Pay System

    Character Boost ☑️
    Boosted character starting gear ☑️
    Boosted character starting mount ❌
    Direct cosmetic item purchase ❌

    Garrison System

    Player Instance ☑️
    Plot building ☑️
    Plot destroy ☑️
    Plot upgrade ☑️
    Instance upgrade ☑️
    Horde Garrison ☑️
    Alliance Garrison ❌

    Legion functions

    Order Hall
    Questing ☑️
    Scouting Map ❌
    Artifact Weapon (Skin\Upgrade\Trait) ☑️

    Artifact Weapon Quests
    Paladin ☑️
    Priest ☑️
    Warlock ☑️
    Warrior ☑️
    Mage ☑️
    Rogue ☑️
    Shaman ☑️
    Death Knight ☑️
    Demon Hunter ☑️
    Druid ☑️
    Hunter ☑️
    Monk ☑️

    Normal\Heroic\Mythic different loot based on mode ☑️
    Instance population ☑️
    Mythic+ modifiers ☑️
    Scripts ☑️

    Normal\Heroic different loot based mode ☑️
    Mythic mode loot ❌
    Scripts ❌

    Spells / Talents
    Most of the spells and talents (pve/pvp) are working (some little issues may appears, but you can report them at our dedicated page). You can check them by yourself, no more wishy-washiness.

    AntiCheat System ☑️

    Limitations for FREE repack

    Timed Advertisements ☑️
    Player limit ☑️
    Player limit has been set to 10 (maximum online)
    Future updates ❌
    No more updates for this FREE repack

    The timed ads will show up ingame at every 10 minutes.

    Messages are:

    Are you using Discord? If yes, join our official Discord server here: ArcaneCore - Expansion Emulator

    Visit our official Website here: ArcaneCore - WoW Emulations

    This FREE repack is brought to you by ArcaneCore Team, you can buy the source code here: ArcaneCore - WoW Emulations

    Want to remove this ads and other limitations? Become a VIP and receive many more benefits! More informations can be found here: ArcaneCore - WoW Emulations and here: ArcaneCore - Expansion Emulator

    These messages appear in the chat and as server announcements. The server announcement will fade out after 5 seconds.

    How to use this repack?
    Download the repack,
    Double-click on the ArcaneCore-REPACK-FREE_Legion_7.3.5_build-26972.exe, select the destination and hit the EXTRACT button,
    After the extract finished, you have a new folder (ArcaneCore-REPACK-FREE_Legion_7.3.5_build-26972) on your previously selected destination,
    Inside that folder, double-click on the mysql_start.bat app and wait 1 (one) or 2 (two) minutes,
    Go to your _Server folder and start the worldserver.exe & bnetserver.exe
    After a few minutes, the world server gives you a "beep" sound, and you able to login to your server

    You can use any World of Warcraft Legion 7.3.5 (26972) client to connect to your server, but don't forget to edit your Wowfolder/WTF/Config.wtf file and update your PORTAL line to SET portal ""

    Account creation, permission and login

    After your server is started, you can enter commands into the worldserver.exe window

    To register your admin account, type: .account create [email protected]s password password
    (You need to use the @ symbol, and your password need to be written TWICE!)

    To give your account GM permission, type: .account set gmlevel [email protected]s 3 -1
    (the [email protected]s is needed to identificate the selected account)

    3 stands for Administrator (0 = default / player, 1 = moderator, 2 = game master), the -1 stands for ALL of your realms
    MYSQL Username and Password for the repack:

    Login name: root
    Login password: admin
    Port: 3306

    ArcaneCore is an MMORPG Framework for Legion (26972) based on the LegionCore, which based on uwow.biz core leaked early 2020. LegionCore itself has been derived from an old version of TrinityCore, but ArcaneCore has a lot of improvements in core and Database side compared to LegionCore.

    Download & more informations

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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