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    [Compiles] Mangos + YTDB + Scriptdev2 + Changelog

    Mangos + YTDB + Scriptdev2 + Changelog

    If Mangos 9667+ dosen't work on x32 then it work on x64
    If Mangos 9972+ dosen't work with .NetFramework 3.5 then it work with .NetFramework 4
    If you want to post this releases on other websites you can but please write whos is the original poster. Also if you want me to post this releases on your forum or other contact me.

    Red- New Releases
    Blue- Little old Releases
    Green- Old Releases


    Mangos 10944
    Mangos 10894
    Mangos 10866
    Mangos 10834
    Mangos 10792
    Mangos 10777
    Mangos 10737
    Mangos 10658
    Mangos 10636
    Mangos 10610
    Mangos 10589
    Mangos 10577
    Mangos 10554
    Mangos 10524
    Mangos 10512
    Mangos 10502
    Mangos 10489
    Mangos 10446
    Mangos 10422
    Mangos 10403
    Mangos 10380

    Mangos Update SQL


    Scriptdev2 Update SQL

    Update 1918
    Update 1913
    Update 1892
    Update 1906
    Update 1886
    Update 1884
    Update 1847
    Update 1844
    Update 1842
    Update 1837
    Update 1833
    Update 1828
    Update 1827
    Update 1823
    Update 1816
    Update 1815
    Update 1801
    Update 1782 scriptdev2_script_full


    YTDB 359
    YTDB 357
    YTDB 356
    YTDB 355
    YTDB 354
    YTDB 353
    YTDB 351
    YTDB 348 full db
    YTDB 347
    YTDB 346
    YTDB 345
    YTDB 344
    YTDB 343
    YTDB 342
    YTDB 340
    YTDB 339


    Maps 3.3.5
    Maps 3.3.5
    Maps 3.3.3
    Maps 3.3.2
    Maps 3.3.0a
    Maps 3.2.2


    Buildings 3.3.5
    Buildings 3.3.5
    Buildings 3.3.3
    Buildings 3.3.2
    Buildings 3.3.0a
    Buildings 3.2.2


    DBC 3.3.5 enGB
    DBC 3.3.5 enGB
    DBC 3.3.3 enGB
    DBC 3.3.2 enGB
    DBC 3.3.0a enGB
    DBC 3.2.2 enGB

    Characters SQL Full

    Characters 3.3.5 SQL ( 7/9/2010)
    Characters 3.3.3 SQL
    Characters 3.2.2 SQL
    Characters updates sql
    Characters 3.2.2

    Realmd SQL Full

    Realm 3.3.5 SQL ( 7/9/2010)
    Realm 3.3.3 SQL
    Realm 3.2.2 SQL
    Realm update SQL
    Realmd updates sql
    Realmd 3.2.2


    If .NET Framework 4 dosen't work use this x86
    .NET Framework 4
    .NET Framework 3.5
    .NET Framework 3
    .NET Framework 2
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    Mangos 9365 - 9391
    Implement spell 31226 and ranks in non-consume poison part.
    Fix spell 67228
    Fixes for [9366] for restore server startup and other.

    * Add expected sql update order guards to sql updates
    * Update size of spell id field in spell_bonus_data.

    Note: You need apply new sql updates versions or just re-aplly
    one more time new sql update version if apply already old.
    Fixed my typo in mangos.sql

    Thanks to Dereka for pointing to it.
    Proper secondary target damage for spell 55050 and ranks.
    Implement .reload `quest_poi` (also reload `quest_poi_points`).
    Implement .reload all_gossips

    * For reload `gossip_menu`, `gossip_menu_option`, `gossip_scripts`,
    `npc_gossip`, `points_of_interest` by single command.
    * Also fixed reloading `points_of_interest`.
    Missing whitespace.
    Fixed rune consume at no rune code mods

    Do rune cost calculations only if no no rune cost mod active
    Add possibility for second glyph set.
    Fxies for prev. commit.

    NOTE: DON'T APPLY prev commit version sql update
    Now really correct sql update with content
    Maybe last fix of fix of fix sequence. O.O
    Not report action button porblems at spec activation.

    Action bar copied at spec creating and base at fact that talents not
    possible cases when action bars not apporpriate for created spec.
    So let its drop silencely
    Fix spell 55268
    Some missing in mangos.sql command descriptions.
    Fixed some compile warnings.
    Some missing .reload all_* commands descriptions in mangos.sql
    Move back from archive subdir 9010_01_realmd_realmlist.sql

    This need for correct work git_id tool used by devs.
    All last sql updates for specific DB mangos/characters/realmd must be in
    Resore use uint64 instead time_t in query, some other fixes.
    Lost sql update from [9382]
    Store some config values in Rate emun.
    Fix commit [9386]
    Implement max cast chain length for triggered spells.

    * New config option MaxSpellCastsInChain ( 0 is disabled old way work )
    * Check added for prevent stack overflow crashes in case infinity
    triggered casts sequences
    with more useful error output instead crash.
    * Default config steeing in 10 casts expected to allow all possible in
    game proper cast chains.
    Cleanup config data. Use proper names and expected types.
    Remove unneeded mail related queries on character load.
    Remove unused defanes in Configs enums.

    Mangos 9392 - 9419
    Update creature/gameobject pool at despawn instead spawn prepare.

    This let solve problem with not despawned creature/gameobject at pool
    update in case when related grid not loaded.
    Add init value to config.
    Add expected spell ids to error output.
    Update cmake for mysql_to_pgsql.
    Fixed compilation mysql_to_pgsql on *BSD.
    Fixed unexpected rounding in healamount = healamount *
    Some config enmus fixes.
    Simplify config options loading code.
    Creature relocation acts like instant movement generator, so
    current generator expects interrupt/reset calls to react properly.
    Resolve porblems with waypoints moved/etc after [9400]

    * Move movegen Interrupt/Reset calls from CreatureRelocation that called
    and from another movegens.
    * Add this called to NearTeleportTo creature case and new MonsterMove*
    functions that considered
    as special moves similar instant movegens.
    * NearTeleportTo/MonsterMove functions recomended used instead explicit
    use CreatureReolcation+SendMosterMOve pairs
    for proper reaction at movement from creature movement generators.
    Add enum SpellEffectIndex to use with explicit effect index checks
    Replace number with enum name where explicitly used in array/other
    Fixed glyph apply with with specs.

    This resolve problem when glyph rejetect applied
    at some spec if it applied already at another spec.
    Make all movements instant applied.

    * Drop delayed moves list in Map code
    * Apply movement coords update always at call including movement to
    different cell/grid.
    * Instead removed functionality mark creature as need move notify
    broadcast at next tick, do it.

    This must resolve porblesm with CreatureRelocation in past not always
    update position to new expected at call
    And in resul next code fail or work in strange way. Mark creature for
    notifier call at next Update
    let safe main part remopved functionality implemented in another way:
    prevent cascade (or infinity chain)
    in move updates. In fiture possible implement move notify call not at each
    tick for save time.
    Documentation mail system.
    If instance have reset time not let rate make it less 1 day.

    This also fix crash at instance reset data loading at server startup.
    Add MAX_EFFECT_INDEX to enum SpellEffectIndex and use it.
    Use SpellEffectIndex as arg type for spell effect handlers.
    Correct a typo in enum name, CAST_INTERRUPT_PREVIOUS
    More SpellEffectIndex using in apropriate cases

    Add #include DBCEnum.h for headers where SpellEffectIndex used.

    This must fix Unix build problem.
    Use SpellEffectIndex in EffectDummy* script calls.

    Scripts used this script calls will need update...
    Some lost changes for prev. commit.
    Dome not catched cases for MAX_EFFECT_INDEX use.
    Implement dummy effect of spell 46606
    Correct spelling of horizontal.
    Implement dummy effect of spell 45980
    Implement dummy effect of spell 45990

    YTDB 281
    + all fixes from forum;
    + spawn;
    + quest scripts
    + mob's gossip menues
    + new template from WDB
    + update vendors: "Arena Season 8" + "Tier 10" - FULL
    + fix column "type_flag" in "creature_template" from WDB
    + Vault of Archavon: - "Toravon the Ice Watcher"
    + full respawn veins: Kalimdor
    + Event: "Kalu'ak Fishing Derby"
    + processed 87 caches (3.3.2)

    Mangos 9420 - 9435
    Implement aura dummy effect for spell 35357

    Also adjusting dummy spell 45990 slightly, despawn after some time instead
    of die instantly.
    Some code cleanup in EffectDummy, also correcting order of spell id
    Return success result for Zone<->map coordinates convertions.

    This will prevent #INF-inity values in gps for zones where
    zone coordinates calculation impossible with current code.

    Also fix small typo in debug output format for honor

    Implement dummy effect of spell 46485
    Some code/comments cleanup in EffectScriptEffect
    More achievement types support.

    Implemented new achievement criteria requirement:
    quality equiped in specific slot)

    Implemented suppoprt achievement types:

    Also achievment types used only for statistics:

    Add helper functions for Unit::Get/SetHealthPercent
    Remove redundant calls to Set(Max)Health, already done by
    SelectLevel function.
    Fix problems related to
    SPELL_AURA_MOD_DURATION_OF_EFFECTS_BY_DISPEL and duration reduction of
    some positive auras
    Implement preservation of current health percent at UpdateEntry use

    Updated creature will now have the same amount of health (in percent) as
    the original creature after update.
    For cases where full restoration of health is expected, function have
    option to disable preservation.
    Remove dummy effect (old code and wrong) of spell 34665

    Let script handle dummy effect like expected for this type.
    Propertly show zone coords in .gps after recent changes.

    Implement detection subzones 4716 and 4740 of zone 4395.
    Prevent crash at script call that modify movegen list at
    MovementInform call.
    Avoid useless creature running around at evade

    * If creature near respawn point and by defult do random movement
    then restart from current point
    * If creature have default waypoints movegen restart from last
    updated point. Not reload waypoints

    Mangos 9436 - 9444
    Correctly display the party leader's name in chat
    Move waypoint's GetResetPosition function body to .cpp.
    Add base code of effect for spell 45668, but in commented form.

    The spell triggering 45668 need to be corrected before it can trigger this
    as expected.
    Auto-exclude from git tracking changes any non universal binding
    subdir files

    Also resolve small exclude conflict for dep subdir.
    Store in plauer spell list structure instead pointer.

    Just not reason in element persistanse storage as std::map
    store pointer to structure with size < 16 bits.
    Add dummy effect of spell 50133/43882
    Add dummy effect of spell 44454 and script effect of spell 44455
    Add dummy effect of spell 55818
    Add script call EffectAuraDummy, called at dummy aura(4)

    Mangos 9445 - 9459
    Possible fix often crashes in waypoint movegen.

    Thanks to DrKLO for research source of problem!
    Compile fix in MovementGenerator.cpp

    Also added few newlines to end of files to satisfy GCC.
    Typos and missing info in mangosd.conf

    Provided by erickeir and unknown author (sorry, lost info about who point
    me to first typo)

    Ignore anything untracked in src/bindings/

    NOTE: works only on directories

    (only modification / deletion of tracked files
    will show up in "git status")

    To force-stage a file/directory, use "git add -f",
    an exception was made for universal/ .

    Signed-off-by: freghar <[email protected]>

    (based on commit 0a4057f)

    Fixes for the Solaris platform.
    Implement item set 887, 251, 232 spell effects.
    Added new config option for arena queue announcer.

    Option Arena.QueueAnnouncer.Enable removed so if it used
    need update mangosd.conf to new options use.

    (based on insider42/mangos commit 211506f)

    Replace battleground announcer options.

    * Drop Battleground.QueueAnnouncer.Enable and
    * Add Battleground.QueueAnnouncer.Join with 0..2 values (1=to joined
    player, 2=to world)
    * Add Battleground.QueueAnnouncer.Start for start bg event

    Also fixed bug when not rated arenas announced as BG announces
    Also lost mangosd.config changes from prev commit.
    Implement heal bonus from talent 62905 and ranks.
    Fixed some time existed multi-map taxi problem.

    Interrupt taxi movegen at far teleport time with remove related state.
    Far teleport triggered code not expect this state set.
    Check glyph index send by client at glyph adding to prevent
    Fixed spell proc code for mixed proc event cases.

    * Allow spells with multiple procEx flags to trigger also with 0 dmg, if
    procExtra is no normal hit (e.g. block and normal hit as flags -> all dmg

    * Also allow proc at hit as result partly block. This fix case from
    unknown author
    prepered by KAPATEJIb.
    Implement spell/attack power bonus for 59547 and similar spells.
    Also fix build in prev. rev. in result my not added changes.
    Add exception for spell 51912 and then trigger 45668 as expected

    Also remove commented code for spell 45668
    Make spell 47540 and ranks channeling interruptible

    In fact make triggered spell replace main spell for channeling.
    This also let drop hack for target death case interrupt channeling for

    YTDB 287
    + All fixes from forum;
    + spawn;
    + quest scripts;
    + mob's gossip menues;
    + new templates from WDB
    + update all PvP-vendors;
    + Full respawn viens: Azeroth
    + fix data in "achievement_criteria_requirement"
    + processed 119 caches (3.3.2)
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    Is in this Cores Dual Spec and Vehicles?

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    Merged your posts - Simple edit the original post instead of posting each time there is a changelog. I'm sure some people appreciate this even though there not replying and leeching instead.

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    But then my thread will go to lasted and people won't know if i still upgrade or the existing of this thread.

    Mangos 9460 - 9473
    Spellpower bonuses for spell 47540 and ranks.
    Some another cases when movegen can be lost while updating.
    Compile fix under GCC.
    Add script effect of spell 45691 and dummy effect of 45685
    Spell effects of itemset 883 and variants.

    Make passive aura buffs/debuffs always show at not-casters.

    This fix case when some racial party passive bufs not show for party
    Implemented SOAP in MaNGOS

    - removed deprecated code from RASocket
    - allow more than one login at a time on the RA console
    - added gsoap library for handling SOAP requests
    - removed deprecated mangos_string entry

    Thanks to:
    - Derex for reporting a bug which occured if more than 1024
    players were connected [poll() vs select()]
    - caeruleaus for adding windowsbuild support
    - vladimir for suggesting a different thread starting order
    - fdb_ for suggesting SOAP in the first place

    Add dummy effect of spell 51330
    Restore compile Win32/x64 (VC80/VC90), add correct include dir to
    all builds
    Add dummy effect of spell 51333
    Add dummy effect of spell 42287
    Add dummy effect of spell 43036

    Revert "[9465] Make passive aura buffs/debuffs always show at

    This reverts commit 43f6a355e5a94c56c8fd6b881b572e1d685f046c.

    Need more work.
    Apply recent sql update to mangos.sql itself.

    Mangos 9474 - 9501
    Implement negative totem effect apply for 30706 and ranks.
    Add and use TotemSlot enum type
    Add basepoints array to Unit::HandleDummyAuraProc
    Implement glyph 45776
    Reimplement Aura::IsNeedVisibleSlot

    Rewrite base at area aura type check
    * For positive area aura types show at non-caster target or caster-totem
    or non-passive aura at caster
    * For negative area aura show at non-caster target
    * For other auars show at any target if non passive auras or totem-caster
    Use Clear call in MotionMaster::Initilize

    Function can be called from deep code in time MotionMaster::Update.
    So need use safe way cleanup with possible delayed movegens deletion.
    Add aura dummy effect of spell 29266
    Add dummy effect of spell 51276
    Implement 48266, and 50365, 50384, 50391 and ranks.

    Original patch provided by laise.
    Not affect anything but not nice typos...
    Add dummy aura effect of misc feign death spells

    Please note that it may not be correct to handle them all in the same way.

    Some more research should be done regarding the whole issue with creatures
    and faking death (cheaters) and a possible difference between the spells.
    Fix a value in movement update blocks with update flag
    Increase reserverd stack size for mangosd up to 4Mb at Windows

    Most Unuxe/Linux OSs have by default 4Mb as max stack size for application
    by default.
    VisualStudio for x86/x64 set 1Mb by default. In result at Windows possible
    more often
    stack overflow crashes in cases when Unux version work fine. So we fix
    this not nice

    VS10 version not included. If someone prepare patch for VS10 case it can
    be added to repo.
    Fix a typo in Pet::addSpell
    Fixed semaphore locking on non-posix systems
    No reason have different code for apply/remove for this spells.
    Make common apply/remove handler for another spell group in
    Restore code commenting style after 9489/9490

    Adjust comment style for rest of function and some additional code style
    Some cleanup in effects table.
    Fixed wrong spell cast at talent 50391 and ranks apply case.
    Implement SPELL_EFFECT_JUMP (41).
    Show overheal from HoT in combat log.
    HomeBind fixes.

    * Use area id instead zone id for home bind zone info as expected.
    This will for example proper show capital name in area himebinding for
    capital; tavern.
    * Clarify that player create zone in fact is area (subzone)
    * Implement SPELL_EFFECT_BIND for normal homebinding.
    Also support spell target position mode used in 53823/53821 spells
    * Add Spell::EffectEmpty for mark spell effects that used but not expect
    any code in handler.
    Example weapon spells that used just as known spell markers for client.

    Original patch idea inspirit by Sadikum patch suggestion.
    Implement basic use of SPLINETYPE_FACINGTARGET

    Adjust related helper function accordingly.
    Restored build on *nix
    Add replacement spells for GO type 10 that may have dummy spellId
    in _template
    Update SpellCastResult enum to 3.3.x state.
    More speel effects table cleanups in comments
    Implement item limit category inventory mode.

    * Now expected item limit categories (for example for item 5513 and
    correctly limited by its amount in inventory.
    * Provide and use additional arg in SendEquipError for alt. way get
    item prototype. This let send to function item id and prevent crash
    client at
    limit category equip errors that required item prototype data.
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    Mangos 9502 - 9541
    Update SpellCastResult enum to 3.3.x state.
    Updated behavior of auto shot according to the client changes.
    Removed obsolete code for spell 18096 and ranks.
    Removed facing limitation for spell 2764.
    Add missing AI calls to inform summoner of summon-related events


    Also it application in special case of item 5513 and similar.
    Finish impement new functionlity for item 5513 and similar.

    * Implement recharge low rank item in inventory.
    * Implement recharge item at loading after 15 offline mins
    Move custom data from item spell charges sign to new field

    Some items with negative by defaul charges not expected to be deletedt at
    no charges.
    In past this fixed by using positive charges amount in like cases in
    different from
    expected negative value. Adding new field for avoid this.

    Gameobject casting improvements.

    * Add IsHostileTo/IsFriendlyTo and implement expected way checks for diff.
    world object types.
    For controlled object check redirected to specific owner, for wild
    gameobject base at gameobject faction.
    If faction not set expected to be hostile to anyone.
    * Update grid searchers to be usable with world object instead only unit
    Some grid searches lost redundent second object arg,
    AnyAoETargetUnitInObjectRangeCheck lost hitHidden arg
    (for hitHidden==true case added new
    * Updated grid searchers used with gameobject area casts now.
    Note: Gameobject area spell cast animation will still wrong show around
    cast triggering target instead
    center around gameobject.
    * In case gameobject aura apply to target for restored use target itself
    as caster because
    we not have currently another way apply aura form wild gameobject.
    Hotfix for low chance crash at not accessable gameobject cast.
    Spell 16952 and ranks will now correctly proc from all cat form
    abilities that add combo points
    Fix spell 48920
    Implement opcode CMSG_HEARTH_AND_RESURRECT
    Fix a possible exploit in CMSG_HEARTH_AND_RESURRECT
    Fixed talent 50391 and ranks in part apply rune cooldown expire

    * Apply rune cooldown buff only for spell 48265

    Thanks to Laise for problem research.
    rewrote RA console using ACE

    - moved SQL pinging to SqlDelayThread
    - use sAccountMgr instead of explict sql queries
    Implement account associated execute for RA commands

    * Now at login by RA-connection RA-connection use account id/access level
    for commands execute. So at login with moderator access by RA-connection
    can execute only moderator level commands. For administrator level
    allowed execute only console level commands if new config option
    RA.Stricted = 0.
    For security reasons by default RA.Stricted = 1.
    * RA-connection executed commands now logged for associalted account id
    * Some own account related commands allowed execute in RA-connection

    NOTE: config version updated because RA.Stricted = 1 not compatible with
    way work and this can break tools thta use RA-access if it not
    Yuo will need update mangosd.conf.
    Remove linking mangosd with sockets library.

    Recent RA reimplementation added by Arrai remove using sockets library for
    last part mangosd code.
    This let not link anymore sockets library with mangosd.

    Now realmd is last sockets library user.
    Prevent possible memory leak in WorldSession
    Let build map extractor at Mac OSX

    Also restore build at Windows (Win32 not have unistd.h)

    Win32 ad.exe binary updated but not expected any functional differences.
    Implement spells 58600 and 58601
    Stacking Auras from dual wild weapons.
    Use cooldown data from gameobejct trap tamplate if provided.
    Implement effect SPELL_EFFECT_TEACH_TAXI_NODE(154)

    Original patch writed by Sadikum.
    Fix a typo from commit 9512
    Fix CRLF in 9512_01_mangos_spell_proc_event.sql.
    Avoid apply spell bonuses to glyph 42397 effect.
    Make Player::IsValidPos const

    Also remove public access to SpellAura::m_spellmod for avoid another hacks

    with it use. Spellmods only for Player::ApplySpellMod use.
    Fixed apply stamina part of 48263
    Fix typo in opcode name.
    Use selected target for target mode 38/46 when provided.

    For cases where provided target is not valid (or not provided), normal
    closest in range will be used.
    Attack Power bonus for spell 64382.
    Some percent target max health spells.

    Thanks to timmit for research.
    Implement item 46017 effect.
    Avoid proc item 46017 effect from DoTs.
    Implement proper work spells 59465 and 56151.
    Item 23836 effect and spell 54757 not affcted caster spell power.
    Implement cooldown reset part for spell 60970 work.
    Implement first target of spell 1064 and ranks boost from 61301.

    YTDB 292

    + All fixes from forum;
    + spawn;
    + quest scripts;
    + mob's gossip menues;
    + new templates from WDB;
    + fix respawn ores/viens - Outland/Northrend
    + fix data in "achievement_criteria_requirement"
    + processed 150 caches (3.3.2);

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    Mangos 9542 - 9577
    Make MovementGenerator::GetMovementGeneratorType() const

    Also make more wide set achievement type criterias expected requirement in
    DB table.

    Original patch in achievement call part provided BudIcePenguin.

    Rename ObjectDefines.h -> ObjectGuid.h

    Also move unrelated generic defines to Common.h
    Less strict check in spell CheckTarget, and allow triggered spell.

    Unit may be not selectable, but spell may be expected to target this unit
    in any case.
    Mostly known problem with npc->npc spells and dummy/triggered spells from
    AI side.

    Implement ObjectGuid wrapper for guid value

    Only one example (mostly) case converted to use it.
    Need lot work for finally switch to class obly use, so old low-level
    defines still exist also (while used).
    But some unused low-level defines dropped.

    Lost new ObjectGuid.cpp at prev. commit.
    One more typo :/
    Hide unsafe templated ByteBuffer::append function only for internal
    Add and use PackedGuid wrapper.

    * use more wide bytebuff << >> operators for objects
    * use at read packet faisl alsways exception way instead some time used
    bool results.

    Make some compiler happy with forward class declaration.
    Make GCC really happy...
    Fixed possible runtime crash.
    Makes some arguments as references in some ByteBuffer operator
    Allow summoned creatures use MovementType == RANDOM_MOTION_TYPE

    Using creature_template.MovementType as default. For normal spawned
    creatures, data from creature table will still apply and override
    Radius is 5.0 as default, but may be changed in real-time from ai scripts
    using function.
    Move the code of glyph 55672 to a better place
    Fix a typo from prev. commit:/
    Update AiReaction enum.

    Fixes possible runtime crash added by 9551
    Fixed typos in header guards
    Another update of AIReaction enum (and comments).
    Use DEFAULT_WORLD_OBJECT_SIZE in ObjectPosSelector if size == 0.

    This should fix a freeze in ObjectPosSelector.
    If size == 0, m_anglestep became 0 -> freeze.

    Remove some trailing whitespace and add comment for last commit.
    Add detection code for partly cave area 3780
    Restore build
    ] Add 2 unknown target flags.
    Add function to manually start random movement.
    Fix spell 60772
    Implement glyph 55692
    Create and use ObjectGuidGenerator/IdGenerator template classes.

    * This is let finally hide guid structure in ObjectGuid.h/.cpp code.
    * Shared related code.

    NOTE: while switch to use new clasess one more problem has been detected
    with not-safe code in .pdump work for future per-map multi-threading.
    It's need rewrited before will possible safe use in like case.
    For current single world thread case it's safe.
    Add script calls for GameObject GossipHello and GossipSelect
    Add structure and prevent spam for some LFG opcodes.
    Thanks to Spp for help with researching CMSG_LFG_JOIN.

    Add config option Network.KickOnBadPacket. If enabled, player will
    be kicked on badly formatted (wrong structure) packet.
    Use proper template arg instead default value
    Use ObjectGuid in Map object stores/world access/search.
    Implement SCRIPT_COMMAND_CREATE_ITEM to use when no spell exist
    Implement SCRIPT_COMMAND_DESPAWN_SELF (self = creature in this

    YTDB 298
    + All fixes from forum;
    + spawn;
    + quest scripts;
    + mob's gossip menues;
    + new templates from WDB
    + filling "points_of_interest" - Dalaran, Shattrath, Exodar, Silvermoon
    + filling table "gossip_menu_option"
    + fix data "achievement_criteria_requirement"
    + fix data "milling_loot_template"
    + fix spawn "Razorfen Downs"
    + fix spawn "Scarlet Monastery"
    + full respawn loot "Trial of the Crusader"
    + processed 183 caches (3.3.2)

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    Dj Aligator's Avatar Sergeant
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    Dec 2009
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    Mangos 9578 - 9599
    Use ObjectGuid in visibility sets
    Use ObjectGuid in some loot code.

    Also use ObjectGuidSet instead std::set<ObjectGuid>
    Add ObjectGuid const& Object::GetObjectGuid() and restore build.
    Fixed apply damage reduction to melee/ranged damage.
    Send looted creature guid in proper field of loot packets.

    Also use ObjectGuid in related functions.
    Fixed speed recalculation at remove .mod speed rate while
    Continue fix loot roll packets and related code.

    * Propertly send itemSlot field and use it with looted target for roll
    * Remove references to NumberOfPlayers useless data send in args
    * Fixed long existed bug with roll show when single player from group can
    roll item.
    * Fixed possible crash at player leave group while item roll
    * Fixed wrong item amount in stack in rolls inreasult use non-initilized
    field as info source.
    * Remove unused item guid field from Roll and not lost for nothing item
    guids for this.

    Thanks for help in research to TOM_RUS and j4r0d.
    Restore lost `return` in prev. commit.
    Remove a useless include
    Fixed freeze after recent loot roll code changes.

    Thanks to j4r0d for testing.
    Really fix freeze :/
    Add additional field for storage of speed_run rate of creature

    This allow independent rate of walk vs run speed. Existing field renamed
    to explicit speed_walk.
    Note that default database rate for run is a result of the most common
    value seen, 8.0/7.0
    fixed mangos.sql
    Fixed rest state remove at leave tavern

    BattleGroundMap has no GetInstanceData() function
    Fixed bug in instance binding in case heroic/25-man raids

    In fact typo in my old commit at adding support MapDifficulty.dbc.
    Allow UTF8 strings via SOAP
    Fix the amount of mana restored by spell 68082
    Use area trigger zone check for inn leave case.

    This is still have false cases but will more correct for specific area
    Also let cleanup code and store less data for Player.
    create battleground map at bg creation

    when a bg gets created it will also get it's map
    (old behaviour was, that map got's created when first player entered the

    the reason why battlegroundmaps aren't instantiated with a player object:
    * the only information from player-class we need is
    also we can't use anything else
    (e.g. playerlevel can be outside of bg-levelrange)
    -> cause bgs depend pretty much on their maps this caused circualr
    dependencies between map,bg,player
    * battlegroundmaps will _always_ be prepared by the bgsystem to set
    the proper data
    * there is not much shared in the creational process with dungeonmaps
    even the functioncall is different since players need to enqueue
    first for bgs,
    therefore again the player's way to that instance is only through
    the bgMgr
    update battlegrounds per map + cleanup at delete

    this will be useful, if we have multithreaded mapupdates one day

    since i couldn't reproduce any errors regarding to self deletions of
    battlegrounds i removed the m_deleteThis variable
    Adding a few research comments for unit_flags and rename one.

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    Mangos 9600 - 9620
    restored work of DeleteAllBattleGrounds

    this will solve the problem that spiritguides could get attacked
    (for instance with spell 2121)

    thx to DasMy who helped with research
    Simplify creating mail draft with content text, cleanup includes.
    Implement use of UNIT_FLAG_PASSIVE for creature.

    Add function to check creatures own ability to initiate an attack in

    Prevent unexpected call to AttackStart when having unit_state
    SetSummonPoint for any summoned creature.

    Should fix a crash where summoned attempt moveRandom without having a
    valid summon point.
    Send packed caster GUID for AFLAG_NOT_CASTER.
    Fix SMSG_GUILD_INFO time part.
    Fix typo that broke guild creation timestamps
    Send zoneUnderAttack from EventAI if creature is a guard.
    Use more readble format for default `gossip_menu_option` values.
    Add index for some tables in characters DB.
    Add to SendMonsterMove var args for optional values.

    Also drop currently unused Unit::m_InteractionObject
    Use stdarg.h instead outdated varargs.h

    This must restore build at *nix
    Objects HIGHGUID_MO_TRANSPORT not have entry part in guid.
    Send AFLAG_NOT_CASTER only if casterguid == targetguid.
    Fix ByteBuffer::appendPackGUID appending a superfluous byte.
    Add WorldPacket.h to vcproj files.
    More use ObjectGuid in spell/etc code
    Reset more UNIT_FIELD_FLAGS at login.

    Resolve linking problems for script DLLs

    YTDB 313
    + All fixes from forum;
    + spawn;
    + quest scripts;
    + mob's gossip menues;
    + new templates from WDB
    + fix spawn and pool for all viens
    + fix data "creature_equip_template"
    + Icecrown Citadel (Raids) - all modes: N10/N25/H10/H25 - ("alpha") - (No loot from Lich-King in heroics)
    + processed 260 caches (3.3.2)
    + Thanks YTDB forum & UDB forum & CTDB forum & TDB forum, for the WDB caches 3.3.2.
    + All fixes from forum (Look under Accepted Patches Section);
    + Spawns;
    + Quest scripts;
    + Mob's gossip menus;
    + New templates from WDB
    + Correction of the fields in "creature_template" following WDB
    + Correction of spawn in "Maraudon"
    + processed 204 caches (3.3.2)
    - Icecrown Citadel (Raid) - Is closed for now (The spawns are fully completed including Lich King) , Loot is 99% completed on all the difficulties, we will polish Icecrown in the next commit (Lich King is under "Repair" there are some questions about him) + read cache topic (And help us out))

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    Added maps, buildings and dbc 3.3.3

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    Mangos 9621 - 9637
    Typo in CastSpell.

    Not affect code work except restore small code speedup.
    Add keys for gameobject table.
    Fixed typo in mangos.conf comment.
    varargs list (...) auto promote any float value to double and any
    less int type to int.
    Add absent empty lines in end of sql updates.
    Fix one wrong cast case and simplify similar debug output.
    Make mail load async.
    Fix typo from [8408].
    Replace some PQuery/PExecute by more simple Query/Execute.
    Remove character data blob.

    Update will create backup in data_backup table, just in case...
    You can drop this when you think you don't need it anymore.
    (I would recommend you to keep it for a few days/weeks)
    Forgot to use git_id
    Fix enum names.

    Restore load/save known titles.
    Some code clean up.
    Remove fields 'data' and 'zone' from corpse table.
    Restore load/save shown action bars.
    Move item real-time/in-game duration counting flag to new
    extraflags field.

    Client expected only positive duration values, so stop use duration field
    as signed.
    Include recent field into mangos.sql

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    Did you ignore Stoneharry? Edit your previous posts and dont make a new one for each update. It stops it getting messy, and makes it easer ti find things.

    Dont be ignorant please.

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    Mangos 9638 - 9649
    Replace all C assert()s with MaNGOS ASSERT() macro.
    Display homebind messages only to affected players
    Fix a typo in ReputationMgr
    Add info for know by client epic difficulty
    Changes in emotes work.

    Waypoint/db script/event ai/'.npc playemote' emote data now auto select by
    emote id way to execute:
    oneshot or persistent state

    So if in referenced DB data wrongly used state emote as oneshot case this
    will work in different way now.
    Add new emotes in enum that was missing after version update.
    Really restore titles from data_backup table.
    Fix current pet save in summoned state.

    Thanks to hunuza for explcit bug line pointing
    Add comment to UNIT_BYTE1_FLAG_UNK_2 for further research
    Replace some unnecessary Player::GetCorpse() calls.

    i told why i didn't edit it. But if no one want to keep this thread upgraded i won't upgrade it anymore.

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    you have to get over it lol this section of mmowned is leech happy you will get a ton of views and hit but no replies pat yourself on your back you are doing a good job minus the double posts! +Rep x2

    latest scriptdev and mangos sql is unavailable...
    Last edited by flickcorp; 03-31-2010 at 04:31 PM.

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    Originally Posted by flickcorp View Post
    you have to get over it lol this section of mmowned is leech happy you will get a ton of views and hit but no replies pat yourself on your back you are doing a good job minus the double posts! +Rep x2

    latest scriptdev and mangos sql is unavailable...
    Agree with first part.

    About scriptdev and mangos, u can get em if u are "Old School" there.
    But still, you have to change a lot things in database.
    Most problems comming with Heroid Instances, cause Boss's dont have dmg, some factions are bugged, like their hp (Same like on normal.)

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