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    My Test Map Video for Custom WoW Expansion

    Hi Guys! I have a showcase video for you today courtesy of YouTube:

    World of Warcrack - My Test Map. (Custom WoW Expansion) - YouTube

    I would love to know your thoughts on my map I have made! I just got started 3 days ago had some trouble getting my map to work! Luckily I am big stupid and didn't update my server files with my patch files. Didn't know I needed to do that.
    Anyways, yes, I know the bushes are too large. Though maybe somewhere they should be that large for a sneaky rouge character. And too, this is only the forest area. I need some more experience, including this test map and your guys' input, to get my first area underway. I can showace what I have after I make the official expansion edition, with more bushes, mountains, and NPCs to test Questlines, leveling and scaling the zone to the level. Though, I imagine a combination of capital -> village quests and 'high' level (lvl 9-15) dungeon quests can fill in the rest of the forest.. anyway!!!

    I'd like to make a land with PvP as a constant concern while making the world fresh, deadly, and filled with more rare mobs with good loot. As well as balancing WoTLK a little better than Blizzard did. The plan is not to make a bigger and better WoW Two. The goal is to make a more survival-based and savage Azeroth. Though, I don't want to rebuild Azeroth, just the likeness on the other side of the planet where Ore is more abundant and the Alliance aren't a bunch of p%&#*@# yk

    But like I said, I need input on the terrain texturing, the horrible mountains! TELL ME HOW BAD I AM

    K thx,

    My Test Map Video for Custom WoW Expansion

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