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    [New]Best way to stack for every class

    So we have all seen the Chance on Hit weapon stacking that you have to be able to duel wield to do.

    Well iWas messing around on my mage and figured out a new way to stack your weapon while also stacking your neck

    1. Purchase these items from your server's vendor - Teebu's Blazing Longsword, Fiery Retributer, Blazefury Medallion, The Sun King's Talisman
    *Note you can try out other weapons iHave just found out that these work the best*

    2. Make this macro -

    /Equip Fiery Retributer
    /equip Teebu's Blazing Longsword
    /equip Blazefury Medallion
    /equip The Sun King's Talisman

    3. Credit goes to shiny shoes for this part *This part is a copy pasta*

    Download an Auto-Clicker
    (Example one : Download AutoClick, AutoClick 1.1 Download)

    4. Set the macro above on your tool bar, anywhere!

    5. Open Auto-Clicker of choice

    6. Set Auto-Clicker's speed to "0.1" if possible, and remember your hotkey to turn it on (usually one of the F's i.e. F3)

    7. Activate the Auto-Clicker and watch your weapons switch like mad!

    8. Leave for 2min+ , come back and enjoy!

    Now before you use the macro make sure you equip
    Teebu's Blazing Longsword because it is BoE and the macro will just keep grabbing it *haha*

    iDidn't see this type of stacking posted anywhere if it is my bad :x
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    i like ill try it out
    *(\_/) < EVIL
    *(0_0) < DEMONIC
    (")00(") < BUNNY
    it steal your soul
    i swear

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