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    Lua script help and general questions from beginner

    Ok, so after I've been 9 whole days as member and my leacher status is coming 100mp/h at me I gotta start learning os i can write guides.
    I've been editing new private server with my mates from vanilla wow and we've come to the point where we need help, lots of it. Here are the questions:

    1). lua script for custom bossess dont work, why? I've boss (actaully it's 70 elite) kalled Ko'matra and there should be two pahse fight against him. I'm using the script from castricpenguin for starters.So if my boss' name is Mok'tra do I have to edit this:
    function phase_1(pUnit, Event)
    if pUnit:GetHealthPct() < 70 then
    pUnit:RegisterEvent("phase_2",1000, 0)

    function phase_2(pUnit, Event)
    if pUnit:GetHealthPct() < 50 then
    pUnit:RegisterEvent("phase_3",1000, 0)

    function phase_3(pUnit, Event)
    if pUnit:GetHealthPct() < 30 then

    function boss_start(pUnit, Event)
    pUnit:RegisterEvent("phase_1",1000, 0)
    RegisterUnitEvent(ENTRYID, 1, "boss_start")
    and how do I save it? I read I should save it as Mok'ra.lua to Ascent/scripts file, is this correct?

    2) Karazhan -> bosses. I'm using AC repack 7.6 and quite frankly where it says working ZA its bosses doesn't. So, how can I make bossess from raid instances to learn the fights, do I have to make lua's for them or is there other way? I'd appreceate this info as many of us like to raid ZA and in private realm it would go smoothly without beggars.

    3)Adding custom zones: I've downloaded Azo's emerald dream (.mql file) and Stormwind Vault from X , how do I install those? I'm aware how Vault is done, when it's .sql file, but still when I ty to update my database (using navicat) I get error message saying:
    [Err] 1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
    [Err] INSERT INTO `creature_proto` VALUES ('898989', '75', '75', '794', '99999', '999999', '0', '1', '1', '1394', '67567', '4.57646e+007', '0', '0', '0', '0', '7483', '218171138', '3', '2080', '33490436', '1038', '0', '0', '0', '10', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '1', '1', '', '0', '456456', '0', '0', '2.5', '8', '14', '0');
    [Msg] Finished - Unsuccessfully
    I've tried everything. How about the ED? It comes as .mgl file, I first thought it would go to my maps folder but it didn't contain .mgl files.

    4)My animations and/or skills are bugging (this would belong to 7.6 help but for svaing space I post it here), for in example when I try to judge as paladin my seal of crusader it doesn't give the judgement of crusader instead it gives judgement of light, and priest's skill prayer of mending doesn't work at all, one minor bug's also that casting animations don't go to the end (raise up hands as human paladin when casting fol), how do I fix this? Editing my databases and if which one?

    Well that's all folks, I try to reward you if you can help me , but as I stated I'm still noob so I'm still learning website controls Thanks.


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    1) You need to change RegisterUnitEvent(ENTRYID) to your boss' entry ID. So you need to have boss made before scripting. If you use notepad, click Save As, then click the .txt file thing, change it to all files or similiar, then write for example bossname.lua. You put it at Ascent\scripts

    2) Bosses are scripted with LUA. Moon++ project has done much of Outland instance bosses, so you could search for them. I wont find them for you. Currently there is no fully working ZA boss scripts, although you can find two of them (Halazzi and some else) at Ascent Forums (Powered by Invision Power Board)

    3) Ascent/NCDB's database tables have been updated, so older SQL files are not working with newer ones.

    4) There are bugs in Ascent Core. Not all of them can/will be fixed, so dont even think of fully Blizzlike private server. you can try downloading new core, it might fix some of them.

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