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    Emucoach vip warning

    Please remove if not allowed I am trying to share info and save people troubles as I found my way to emucoach from this website and I don't want others having my experience.

    spent $45 "donating" for cata vip gold for 3 years...what a joke! Less then 1 week in with nothing else installed or running on 2 computers but cata and the repack on the main computer. First 3 days where beautiful we levelled to 63 no problems bots doing as they should ahbot not so much it never buys even altering settings. Ask for help on discord and get pointed back to vip forums never a link or more help...just "go look on vip forums" Finally gave up and played it how it is straight from downloading. Less then a week and now every time we log on the game runs smooth until either A) you que for a dungeon or B) you join a pvp battleground. All the sudden even if just one computer is playing the game lags like u don't have good internet(mind you the server is on the same computer) Restart the server sometimes one dungeon or battleground then bam! Server lags and glitches so bad you can't do anything. No error logs . First it continues to save sql data files til it filled a 500gb SSD then after learning how to make it clear all but recent save got it back down to under 50. Didn't matter game still runs rough. Better off playing some free repacks out or compiling your own if you have the knowledge...which I don't. Shoulda kept my wow sub running at least then I could a covered 3 months . Don't fall for this "amazing deal" most people are dealing with constant license troubles and no response for days. My review will be posted up on all platforms related to repacks to make sure that it's understood what people are paying for. Lot of people were mentioning that the provider has been more worried about a specific private server he is helping. My opinion they must be getting the good good because they are making him more money. Don't be scammed out of your money like I was. If it sounds to good to be true ...IT IS!!!

    Emucoach vip warning
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