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    [Classic TBC] object descriptors

    Object Descriptors
    0x00000000 m_guid
    0x00000010 m_entryID
    0x00000014 m_dynamicFlags
    0x00000018 m_scale
    Item Descriptors
    0x0000001C m_owner
    0x0000002C m_containedIn
    0x0000003C m_creator
    0x0000004C m_giftCreator
    0x0000005C m_stackCount
    0x00000060 m_expiration
    0x00000064 m_spellCharges
    0x00000078 m_dynamicFlags
    0x0000007C m_enchantment
    0x00000118 m_propertySeed
    0x0000011C m_randomPropertiesID
    0x00000120 m_durability
    0x00000124 m_maxDurability
    0x00000128 m_createPlayedTime
    0x0000012C m_modifiersMask
    0x00000130 m_context
    0x00000134 m_artifactXP
    0x0000013C m_itemAppearanceModID
    Container Descriptors
    0x00000140 m_slots
    0x00000380 m_numSlots
    Unit Descriptors
    0x0000001C charm
    0x0000002C summon
    0x0000003C critter
    0x0000004C charmedBy
    0x0000005C summonedBy
    0x0000006C createdBy
    0x0000007C demonCreator
    0x0000008C lookAtControllerTarget
    0x0000009C target
    0x000000AC battlePetCompanionGUID
    0x000000BC battlePetDBID
    0x000000C4 channelData
    0x000000CC summonedByHomeRealm
    0x000000D0 sex
    0x000000D4 displayPower
    0x000000D8 overrideDisplayPowerID
    0x000000DC health
    0x000000E4 power
    0x000000FC maxHealth
    0x00000104 maxPower
    0x0000011C modPowerRegen
    0x00000134 level
    0x00000138 effectiveLevel
    0x0000013C contentTuningID
    0x00000140 scalingLevelMin
    0x00000144 scalingLevelMax
    0x00000148 scalingLevelDelta
    0x0000014C scalingFactionGroup
    0x00000150 scalingHealthItemLevelCurveID
    0x00000154 scalingDamageItemLevelCurveID
    0x00000158 factionTemplate
    0x0000015C virtualItems
    0x00000174 flags
    0x00000178 flags2
    0x0000017C flags3
    0x00000180 auraState
    0x00000184 attackRoundBaseTime
    0x0000018C rangedAttackRoundBaseTime
    0x00000190 boundingRadius
    0x00000194 combatReach
    0x00000198 displayID
    0x0000019C displayScale
    0x000001A0 nativeDisplayID
    0x000001A4 nativeXDisplayScale
    0x000001A8 mountDisplayID
    0x000001AC minDamage
    0x000001B0 maxDamage
    0x000001B4 minOffHandDamage
    0x000001B8 maxOffHandDamage
    0x000001BC animTier
    0x000001C0 petNumber
    0x000001C4 petNameTimestamp
    0x000001C8 petExperience
    0x000001CC petNextLevelExperience
    0x000001D0 modCastingSpeed
    0x000001D4 modSpellHaste
    0x000001D8 modHaste
    0x000001DC modRangedHaste
    0x000001E0 modHasteRegen
    0x000001E4 modTimeRate
    0x000001E8 createdBySpell
    0x000001EC npcFlags
    0x000001F4 emoteState
    0x000001F8 trainingPointsTotal
    0x000001FC stats
    0x00000210 statPosBuff
    0x00000224 statNegBuff
    0x00000238 resistances
    0x00000254 resistanceBuffModsPositive
    0x00000270 resistanceBuffModsNegative
    0x0000028C baseMana
    0x00000290 baseHealth
    0x00000294 shapeshiftForm
    0x00000298 attackPower
    0x0000029C attackPowerModPos
    0x000002A0 attackPowerModNeg
    0x000002A4 attackPowerMultiplier
    0x000002A8 rangedAttackPower
    0x000002AC rangedAttackPowerModPos
    0x000002B0 rangedAttackPowerModNeg
    0x000002B4 rangedAttackPowerMultiplier
    0x000002B8 setAttackSpeedAura
    0x000002BC lifesteal
    0x000002C0 minRangedDamage
    0x000002C4 maxRangedDamage
    0x000002C8 powerCostModifier
    0x000002E4 powerCostMultiplier
    0x00000300 maxHealthModifier
    0x00000304 hoverHeight
    0x00000308 minItemLevelCutoff
    0x0000030C minItemLevel
    0x00000310 maxItemLevel
    0x00000314 wildBattlePetLevel
    0x00000318 battlePetCompanionNameTimestamp
    0x0000031C interactSpellID
    0x00000320 stateSpellVisualID
    0x00000324 stateAnimID
    0x00000328 stateAnimKitID
    0x0000032C stateWorldEffectID
    0x0000033C scaleDuration
    0x00000340 looksLikeMountID
    0x00000344 looksLikeCreatureID
    0x00000348 lookAtControllerID
    0x0000034C guildGUID
    Player Descriptors
    0x0000035C duelArbiter
    0x0000036C wowAccount
    0x0000037C lootTargetGUID
    0x0000038C playerFlags
    0x00000390 playerFlagsEx
    0x00000394 guildRankID
    0x00000398 guildDeleteDate
    0x0000039C guildLevel
    0x000003A0 inebriation
    0x000003A4 pvpRank
    0x000003A8 duelTeam
    0x000003AC guildTimeStamp
    0x000003B0 questLog
    0x000009F0 visibleItems
    0x00000A88 playerTitle
    0x00000A8C fakeInebriation
    0x00000A90 virtualPlayerRealm
    0x00000A94 currentSpecID
    0x00000A98 taxiMountAnimKitID
    0x00000A9C avgItemLevel
    0x00000AAC currentBattlePetBreedQuality
    0x00000AB0 honorLevel
    0x00000AB4 customizationChoices
    ActivePlayer Descriptors
    0x00000BD4 invSlots
    0x000013E4 farsightObject
    0x000013F4 comboTarget
    0x00001404 summonedBattlePetGUID
    0x00001414 knownTitles
    0x00001444 coinage
    0x0000144C XP
    0x00001450 nextLevelXP
    0x00001454 trialXP
    0x00001458 skill
    0x00002258 characterPoints
    0x0000225C maxTalentTiers
    0x00002260 trackCreatureMask
    0x00002264 trackResourceMask
    0x0000226C mainhandExpertise
    0x00002270 offhandExpertise
    0x00002274 rangedExpertise
    0x00002278 combatRatingExpertise
    0x0000227C blockPercentage
    0x00002280 dodgePercentage
    0x00002284 dodgePercentageFromAttribute
    0x00002288 parryPercentage
    0x0000228C parryPercentageFromAttribute
    0x00002290 critPercentage
    0x00002294 rangedCritPercentage
    0x00002298 offhandCritPercentage
    0x0000229C spellCritPercentage
    0x000022B8 shieldBlock
    0x000022BC mastery
    0x000022C0 speed
    0x000022C4 avoidance
    0x000022C8 sturdiness
    0x000022CC versatility
    0x000022D0 versatilityBonus
    0x000022D4 pvpPowerDamage
    0x000022D8 pvpPowerHealing
    0x000022DC exploredZones
    0x000028DC restInfo
    0x000028EC modDamageDonePos
    0x00002908 modDamageDoneNeg
    0x00002924 modDamageDonePercent
    0x00002940 modHealingDonePos
    0x00002944 modHealingPercent
    0x00002948 modHealingDonePercent
    0x0000294C modPeriodicHealingDonePercent
    0x00002950 weaponDmgMultipliers
    0x0000295C weaponAtkSpeedMultipliers
    0x00002968 modSpellPowerPercent
    0x0000296C modResiliencePercent
    0x00002970 overrideSpellPowerByAPPercent
    0x00002974 overrideAPBySpellPowerPercent
    0x00002978 modTargetResistance
    0x0000297C modTargetPhysicalResistance
    0x00002980 localFlags
    0x00002984 numRespecs
    0x00002988 ammoID
    0x0000298C pvpMedals
    0x00002990 buybackPrice
    0x000029C0 buybackTimestamp
    0x000029F0 yesterdayHonorableKills
    0x000029F4 thisWeekHonorableKills
    0x000029F8 thisWeekContribution
    0x000029FC lifetimeHonorableKills
    0x00002A00 yesterdayContribution
    0x00002A04 lastWeekContribution
    0x00002A08 lastWeekRank
    0x00002A0C watchedFactionIndex
    0x00002A10 combatRatings
    0x00002A90 pvpInfo
    0x00002BB0 maxLevel
    0x00002BB4 scalingPlayerLevelDelta
    0x00002BB8 maxCreatureScalingLevel
    0x00002BBC noReagentCostMask
    0x00002BCC petSpellPower
    0x00002BD0 professionSkillLine
    0x00002BD8 uiHitModifier
    0x00002BDC uiSpellHitModifier
    0x00002BE0 homeRealmTimeOffset
    0x00002BE4 modPetHaste
    0x00002BE8 numBackpackSlots
    0x00002BEC overrideSpellsID
    GameObject Descriptors
    0x0000001C m_createdBy
    0x0000002C m_guildGUID
    0x0000003C m_displayID
    0x00000040 m_flags
    0x00000044 m_parentRotation
    0x00000054 m_factionTemplate
    0x00000058 m_level
    0x0000005C m_percentHealth
    0x00000060 m_spellVisualID
    0x00000064 m_stateSpellVisualID
    0x00000068 m_spawnTrackingStateAnimID
    0x0000006C m_spawnTrackingStateAnimKitID
    0x00000070 m_stateWorldEffectID
    0x00000080 m_customParam
    DynamicObject Descriptors
    0x0000001C m_caster
    0x0000002C m_type
    0x00000030 m_spellXSpellVisualID
    0x00000034 m_spellID
    0x00000038 m_radius
    0x0000003C m_castTime

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