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    [Retail] BFA Offsets

    Looks like a simple update

    luaL_error: 1A0A140
    lua_isstring: 1E6C00
    lua_tolstring: 1E7E30
    lua_pushnumber: 1E71C0
    lua_pushstring: 1E71E0
    lua_pushnil: 1E71A0
    lua_pushcclosure: 1E6F60
    lua_insert: 1E6A80
    lua_rawset: 1E7520
    FrameScript_Initialize: 5346C0
    FrameScript_GetContext: 533F00
    FrameScript_RegisterFunction: 5348A0
    Script_GetGUIDFromToken: 16C9400
    Script_GetGUIDFromToken_SomeSortOfWrapper: 16C93C0
    ClntObjMgrIsValid: FE6D70
    ClntObjMgrObjectPtr: FE6EB0 # obfuscated!
    ClntObjMgrGetCurrent: FE65B0
    ClntObjMgrEnumVisibleObjects: FE14C0
    ClntObjMgrEnumVisibleObjectsPtr: FE1540
    CActorManager::Get: DDE2E0
    CActorManager::GetActorUnit: DDE3C0
    CGUnit_C::GetDisplayedHealth: D9E2F0
    CGUnit_C::GetUnitNameExposed: DA4790
    CGGameObject_C::GetName: E3F8F0
    ClientServices::GetCharacterName: 1CE3F0
    Static Variables
    s_luaContext: 29B5918
    s_WoWObjectTypeToTypeFlagsArray: 2262FC0 # index as FlagsArray[WoWType * 4]
    s_curMgr: 2A4EE40
    s_cvars: 2AE6770 # [s_cvars] + 0x5C == predictedHealth
    s_luaThreadId: 29B5920
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    I expected the patch to affect the object stuff because it preps some of the tech for Shadowlands, but most of the properties are the same. GetObjectName is really all I use from the vTable atm and that is still 15th.

    Fishing related stuff:
    // functions
    EnumVisibleObjectsPtr   = 0xFE1540;
    FrameScriptGetText      = 0x5377E0;
    FrameScriptExecute      = 0x5338D0;
    // WoWObject
    TypeId          = 0x10
    Previous        = 0x18 ??? // didn't test
    Next            = ???
    Guid            = 0x40
    // ...
    AnimationStatus = 0x64;
    OwnerGuid       = 0x1E0;
    The in game flag should also come in handy for fishing, but I haven't tested this one
    GetInGameFlag   = 0x1177C50
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