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    I understand that this question has been asked a whole bunch already, but even with the topics I found I feel a little lost.
    My goal is to produce something that would take in a start and end coordinate and spit out a path that I could take. This would be, however, without the Z coordinate as that's not freely available to me. So if I could default the Z coordinate to wherever the ground level is at some X and Y, that would be great.

    My questions then would be:
    1) Is it possible to default the Z coordinate to wherever the ground level would be at a given X and Y?
    2) Are there some resources that I could study to understand the contents of mmaps and mmtiles and how to use them for creating a navigation path?

    I understand that Recast/Detour is the first choice to go for in regards to navigation and that it isn't too beginner friendly. I tried to run a few existing code bases as well, but for some reason none of them gave me a path. I imagine that I was using them wrong, but I feel there's a considerable gap in my knowledge to be able to debug the problem.

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