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    Considering botting for the first time, have some questions

    Hey everyone. I have never botted before but considering getting into it now. So I have many questions that I'm hoping someone can help with.

    - I'm assuming I should use a separate account so my account with my main character won't have a chance of being banned later. But a few people tell me that I also need to mask my IP address or my main character account might be banned later too. Is that true? I'm just surprised by this since I don't plan on botting on the main account. Also if true, just wondered if anyone has any suggestions for a good ip masking device or program.

    - What kind of botting is the most profitable? I was considering just farming herbs or ore but a few people are telling me that a bot that just kills monsters and loots / vendors all the dropped items might be a better way to go. Or perhaps a pickpocketing bot is best for earning the most gold?

    - Any recommendations for a reliable or best botting program to use might also be helpful but I can research that on my own later.

    - I keep reading many threads suggesting that the ban rate is higher than usual lately. If that's true, is there any way to get around that?

    Been playing for years but never bothered with botting before. Still, I understand most zones in the game well though and the items and economy. So if you hate writing too many details or long paragraphs, even just some small tips or suggestions would be great. I'll understand most of what you are trying to say. Thanks for your time.

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    The first rule of botting: Never bot on an account you care about. You will get banned. It might not happen in a week. Maybe not for a year. But you will be banned. Now to answer your questions.

    1) I would use a separate account as well as a VPN. You don't want them to tie it back to your main account. It's unlikely they would ban your main account, unless you were transferring gold or whatever to it from your botted account, but still, better safe than sorry.
    2) I always did herbs/ore. However, the most profitable would probably be an automatic auction house bot. However, those are generally hard to setup and can lose you a lot of money if not setup properly.
    3) Honorbuddy has always been and will probably always be the best. However it's also the most well known bot so the bans will probably occur quicker than a less known one. Although in that same scenario it probably has the best defense against warden.
    4) No idea, haven't played WoW in months. But, it's always risky.

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