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    LazyBot Steamwheedle Cartel (goblin) rep profile

    After hours of searching and searching and PMing people i finally decided to just make my own post here.
    im rly needing help with this lazybot thing its the evolution v1.5.2 im purty sure its the latest version of the bot for wow 4.3.3
    i found several tuts and guides on making profiles but they are for older versions of the bot so they only kinda help me.
    i found 2 different people that posted links to the profile they used to farm this rep but the links were broken as the LB site is currently down.
    based on the out of date guides and what i could find within others profiles i attempted to make my own.
    my profile seems to somewhat follow my recorded path and target the enemies but its not attacking them and it wont continue to move until that enemy is dead.
    which kinda tells me something is maybe wrong with the behavior...this is no disc priest bahavior that came with the bot only a "shadow priest v2.2"
    what im rly wanting to do is just run thru southbreak shore and just throw a Shadow Word: Pain on each mob.
    could someone plz either post their goblin/steamwheedle cartel rep profile or help me fix/create my own????
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    after u make the profile, go to subprofiles and add the mobs u want the bot to attack there. the bot won't aoe so it can't go around dotting mobs, it will take 1 at a time.

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