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    Orca Bot TBC - macOSx High Sierra 10.13+ Unlocker-Gathering-Leveling-Profession-PvP-Dungeon-Rotation


    This bot is for Classic TBC only and for Mac OSx only (physical or emulated) for now until a windows unlocker comes out


    1-70 leveling
    1-375 Gathering Professions

    50+ Gold per hour (solo)


    NOTICE: The only place to find this bot and recieve it legitimately is forums.getgud.cc any other websites could be scams. Please be careful!

    ORCA Classic Warcraft Bot

    GetGud.cc - Orca Bot

    Trial is available to level 11.

    Bot Capabilities
    - Full 1-70 Questing Capable
    - Smart Movement in BGs - No profiles required, simply by clicking smart movement, you will be able to collect maximum honor per hour)
    - Fully afk 5-man or solo dungeons (Grind whole dungeon, Exit, Reset Dungeon, Enters back and keep going, Ghost support)
    - 1-70 Grinding (Repair, Re-buy Ammo/Food/Drink & Ghost Support
    - Fully afk Battlegrounds (Moves and Fights in BGs
    - Slave/Master system for multiboxing or 5-man Dungeon
    - Gathering (Mining, Herbing)
    - Gold farming
    - Skinning
    - DPS/HEALING/TANK capable for Raids and Dungeons
    - Advanced Custom Profile Creation Tool – Beginner Friendly
    - Profiles can be reutilized on other characters
    - Kill Bot after certain amount of time botting
    - Auto-Activation for Orca Subscriptions
    - Auto Relogger
    - Mailing
    - Whisper Tool integration thanks to Incisive (push notifications about whispers, etc)

    Supported Languages:
    - English
    - Korean
    - Chinese
    - Spanish
    - Russian
    - French
    - German

    Automatic Account Activation:
    When you purchase Orca Bot, you will now instantly be able to activate your account and use the bot. There is no more delay on activation.

    Payment Methods:
    Now accepting several different payment methods directly through GetGud! No more overpaying a reseller for a bitcoin! Get Orca Bot now!!

    Purchase Process:

    - Navigate to the store and find what you want
    - Adjust the amount of credit to what you need to buy
    - Credit can be used on any purchase

    We are proud to announce the return of Orca Bot for TBC using a wonderful macOS 10.13 High Sierra and newer Unlocker called tinkr.

    Support will only be given to people with real Mac, but there is ways to make your own macOS vm to make it work with your pc or turn your pc into a Hackintosh to make it work, but like we said we won't be delivering support for this. We will try to find the best tutorials for helping you, this doesn't mean we will provide help for this task.

    We have been testing it for the last few days without any issues, there might be random problems that we weren't able to pick-up by our own. Please report them here or in the Telegram channel and we will do as fast as possible to fix them. The bot been runnning for over 4 days and we had no problem, no ban either.

    The old WoW Classic profiles should all still work for TBC. We do not have new TBC paid profiles yet, they will come as soon as possible.

    You can now enjoy Botting in TBC with Orca Bot. We re-enabled the activation and sales. We also re-enabled paypal/skrill resellers for credits so you can buy with crypto or other payment methods.
    You will be forced to make a tinkr account through our website like you were with Minibot. Once that is done your purchases will be automatic and should be available to use within 1 confirmation on the blockchain of the payment.

    Price for tinkr is 20$ first session and 10$ for each extra sessions. It is the same price as them, no extra fees from buying it on our forum or directly from them

    Orca price is still the same and will not change. 25$/session and discount pricing for multi sessions past 5 sessions.

    Visit GetGud.cc - Orca Bot for that.

    Checkout Telegram: Contact @getgudmedia for installation process. Get your macOS and WoW running before.

    For more info about the new unlocker please visit their discord here: Tinkr Platform

    Thanks guys for your support and your patience! We wish you a good journey!

    As always, we invite you to join us on our Discord and Telegram

    Telegram: Telegram: Contact @OrcaBotProject
    Discord: Hidden Subscriber Discord Channel[/CENTER]
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