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    Bimsbot - Maxdps for 3.3.5a

    Hello to everyone

    I found this bot for 3.3.5a. FREE no limit
    Tried works fine.
    I tried to translate for you a bit but I don't speak Russian
    My problem was that lazybot didn't farm with the ground mount. I solved the problem with this bot.


    MaxDPS Download!2wpQmADT!n7myczmSP...QCHP7FLYzapeAA

    Virus total

    And my translate so bad sorry but its working

    profil settings
    current profile :

    Character abilities Farm type
    skining herbalisim Ground - Fly - Water Walk Mount
    loot mining Achievment items farming

    Path setting
    current path Farm-Ghost-Vendor Record
    bip 25 Load

    Mobs to attack
    Add Mob

    Reparing selling mail sending
    Recipent Preferences
    Vendor Settings




    MaxDPS Use guide.
    1. Open Folder with your Class and chose you spec.
    2. Open *YourSpecName*.exe File.
    3. Chose your WoW Core Folder.
    4. Then Restart WoW Client and Prog.
    5. Then Binds Buttons like on your skill panel. (Sample: You casting Fireball by pressing G, bind your Fireball in prog as G.)( If you using F1-F12(Write f1-12 in prog), or Shift/Ctrl/Alt+1-12(s1-12 if Shift, c1-12 if Ctrl, a1-12 if Alt.)(If you using Like Shift+Ctrl+3 then write in prog sc3.)
    6. Press FIRST button below. Bimsbot - Maxdps for 3.3.5a-maxdps-png
    7. Then just start attack your target and bot will AutoCast spells, you need just to move him and targeting.

    I learned a lot from this forum. So I wanted to share.
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  2. Thanks Shinono Tabane, badyl123, CDguard (3 members gave Thanks to zenciboy for this useful post)
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    Thanks for this post. It seems very promising
    Does anyone alse may prove that this software really works?

    OP could you provide any film showing setup and how this bot works?

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    I used to use this on live servers, eventually it got me banned.

    I only used it in raids (PVE)

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