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    [Fishing related] How to find Highland Mixed Pools

    Ever trying to fish in Highland Mixed Pools in the 3 lakes in Tek Forest? Hard to find them right?

    You can use zoloFighter to find them.

    The setup is easy.
    Follow the download here Wow Zolo Fighter
    and setup link here http://www.mmowned.com/forums/bots-p...fight-bot.html (You can skip the bindings setup because we are only doing node finding, not fighting)

    1. Make a new txt file in profiles directory, put the following in and save it. Now start fighter and select that file in waypoint dropdown (under waypoitns tab),

    2. Select "Defend" mode from the main tab (so no waypoint is needed).
    if you don't do that bot will exit because it can't find any waypoint.

    3. run.

    What the script does is, it finds the nearst pool every second and turn you to that directory. So you can just keep flying and fighter will lead you straight to the pool

    //////////// put the following in a .txt file in profiles directory and start zolofighter
    /// zoloFighter exposes wow objects through javascript.
    /// the following code go through the object nodes in wow
    /// and if found "Highland Mixed School", get the distance,
    /// and once all nodes are found, turn your toon to the closest school.
    while (me.wowBotRun) {
    //for (var i = 0; i < me.toonCount; i++) {
    // var npc = me.wowGetToon(i);
    // if (npc.isPlayer)
    // me.wowLog("found " + npc.name+" " + npc.playerRace);
    var closestPool = null;
    var minDist = 9999999;
    for(var i = 0; i < me.itemCount; i++) {
    var itm = me.wowGetItem(i);
    if (itm.name == "Highland Mixed School") {
    var xdiff = me.x - itm.x;
    var ydiff = me.y - itm.y;
    xdiff = xdiff*xdiff;
    ydiff = ydiff*ydiff;
    var dist = Math.sqrt(xdiff+ydiff);
    me.wowLog("found " + itm.name+" " + parseInt(itm.x)+ " " + parseInt(itm.y)+" dist " + parseInt(dist));
    if (dist < minDist) {
    minDist = dist;
    closestPool = itm;
    if (closestPool != null) {


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