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To be able bid for sticky thread - please create thread in this forum.

Auction Rules

  • - All bids are binding and you cannot cancel
  • - All sticky messages that are won, last 7 days, bidding restarts right away until time expires
  • - When you start a brand new auction (and there is an open sticky position), the auction will last 24 hours
  • - When bidding, you can enter a proxy bid or a hard bid (will INSTANTLY take the bid value to the entered amount.)
  • - If you win an auction, but your max bid (Proxy) was not reached, you will be refunded the difference in CoreCoins.
  • - If you are outbid, no CoreCoins will be deducted
What's Proxy Bidding?

Let's say you're bidding on a thread that you really want.... You're willing to pay 250,000 CoreCoins for it, but the current bid price is only 35,000. You could take the long route and sit at your computer, outbidding each new bid until you reach 250,000 CC.

Luckily, there's a better way: Let the system be your proxy and do your bidding for you. Here's how it works:

  • 1. The auction is started by you or another member of ownedcore
  • 2. You decide how much you're willing to pay, enter your max bid (Note: If you bid 250,000 but the current bid is anything less, then you won't be charged your max at the end)
  • 3. Your proxy (the system) engages in a fierce bidding war with other bidders - while you aren't even at your computer.
  • 4. So long as your proxy is higher than the other member's bid, you will always outbid them (Tie goes to whoever had the top bid previously)
  • 5. At the end of the auction, you check back in to see how your proxy did. If other bidders outbid your predetermined maximum, you don't get the sticky thread. But otherwise, you're the winner and the final price could even be less than the maximum you had been willing to spend!