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    User scamming in these forums

    Accused Information

    Dispute Date: 1 November, 2023
    Ownedcore Profile Link/User Name: mem...osmoothie.html
    Instant Messenger username of Accused: N/A
    Payment Method Information: N/A

    Dispute Information

    What is the dispute about? User is Scamming
    Dispute Thread Link: All His posts
    Other Sites Scam Link: N/A
    Value of Trade Involved: N/A
    Did you use a middleman?: N/A
    Provide more information on what leads to the dispute: N/A


    User is copy and pasting content found on playerauctions (common practice)
    Original sale at 5500$ :!collection-eu-lv62-drakania-with-103-bill-raw-silv/][Collection] EU Lv.62 Drakania With 10.3 Bill Raw Silver l PEN Ac... | ID 197012903 | PlayerAuctions[/url]
    Post on these forums at 320$: Site not installed - OVHcloud

    Original sale with a different seller:!nawebbest-account-currently-on-markethq-highend-ac/][NA][WEB][BEST ACCOUNT CURRENTLY ON MARKET][HQ HIGHEND ACCOUNT][7... | ID 197703047 | PlayerAuctions[/url]
    Topic on these forums: Site not installed - OVHcloud

    Original listing:
    Topic not here on this forum, but he does sell it on other forums, with a far inferior pricing

    The list goes on, the more you search the more sellers you see

    Instant Messenger Profile Screenshot: N/A
    Entire Conversation Screenshots: N/A
    Paypal Detailed Payment Screenshot: N/A

    Additional Information related to the Trade Dispute

    The user is a reocurrent scammer at playerup, they come along with 15 ish accounts for sale, once they get banned they make a new account with different avatar and discord id and repeat the entire process, altough it seems the user is branching out into other forums, but alas it's a scam. Once they get caught they often lock the topics and remake them, even something as simple as asking for extra images will get them to flea, because they can't do such thing.
    As an added bonus, he does sell a warframe account here:

    But this is taken from a 2 year old topic atleast:
    You noticed what happened to the seler 2 years ago on that website? The account is banned.
    I can't confirm that the 2 are the same, they are selling the same account and can't provide more images, but if they are then you can see just how old this scammer is.
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    User scamming in these forums
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    User has been banned.

    ✅ DISCORD: D3Boost#2193 ✅ SKYPE: d3pleveling

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