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    Leveling with Dreamsurges at low level

    You can level at the events with a low level character. You get roughly 3% per mob and around 10% for the boss.

    So I was bored and curious after watching the dreamsurge video here. I grabbed my lvl23 shaman, made my way to stormwind harbor, got on the ship to the dragon isles and made my journey. Well, my first attempt didnt go far because I got hit by some welps and died. I ended up on the same flying ghost dragon as high level characters. I used this on other continents to cover vast distances and to resurrect at my destination at a graveyard. Unfortunately they changed that. I flew across half the continent to ohnaran plains to get teleported back to the waking shore coast with ten minutes of resurrection sickness. But at least I was at the first flightmaster.

    Oh well. Second try. I made it all the way to maruukai and waited for the dream portal to appear. Of course it wasnt near maruukai but far on the west coast. I still managed to ride there undisturbed.

    I couldnt hit the mobs myself because every shot will miss on red mobs. Instead I healed people because that gets you credit for kills. The more heal they need the better. Healing totem helps alot to hit anyone who loses even one HP for kill credit. But only few people need healing at those events because the more armor you have the more the mobs hit you like starter zone mobs. Selecting priests, warlocks or mages who dont have a tank nearby were my primary focus.

    I hit 24, it was fun but alone it might not be worth it. But its something different for sure.

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    Reallty clever.
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