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    Diablo 4 Rogue Leveling Guide - Twisting Blades

    Today, I present to you a comprehensive leveling guide for the Rogue class in Diablo 4. When it comes to leveling up, you'll have to make a crucial decision: whether you want to play as a ranged Rogue with a bow or as a melee Rogue. Having played the Rogue in every testing phase so far, I personally find the melee Rogue to be more effective.

    Before we delve into the details, you can visit 4gm, a site with Diablo 4 guide and cheap Diablo 4 gold. It's important to note that there are different ways to build your Rogue. One popular approach involves utilizing poison trap, which deals significant damage. There are trap talents like deadly venom that enhance its potency. Another strong option is poison imbuement, which received a recent buff and excels at boss killing. However, I won't be recommending either Poison Trap or Poison Imbuement for our leveling build.

    Poison Trap can be somewhat clunky to use, requiring you to lay it down, wait for enemies to trigger it, and then unleash its poison damage. While it can be effective, I want to create a Rogue that feels incredibly satisfying to play, with durability, exceptional resource generation, and unparalleled speed. While this build may not set records for boss kill times, it will make your overall gameplay experience in Diablo 4 truly remarkable.

    To make the challenging decision between Poison Imbuement and Shadow Imbuement, I prioritize the quality of life aspect. Shadow Imbuement duplicates what Twisting Blades already excels at, which is AOE pentakilling an entire room. However, I choose Shadow Imbuement due to one talent: consuming shadows. When combined with the Rogue specialization inner sight, consuming shadows provides infinite energy, allowing you to unleash your abilities without restraint. This quality of life improvement outweighs the slight decrease in boss-killing speed.

    For our leveling build, we will take Puncture, a ranged attack that is quite potent. Later on, we will acquire vulnerability, which significantly boosts our damage output, especially if we obtain bonuses to vulnerability on our gear. As we progress, Twisting Blades will be our main skill, delivering incredible results. With the Act Two power, it transforms into a devastating whirlwind of death around you, obliterating everything in its path.

    Moving forward, we pick up Deft Strikes for momentum, but the capstone passive is not necessary. Advanced Twisting Blades alone will suffice. Fundamental Puncture is next, providing vulnerability. We then acquire Dash and Shadow Steps to traverse the map swiftly. Maxing out Twisting Blades should be a priority, as it grants substantial power early on.

    Now, let's discuss defensive abilities. Dark Shroud is one of the best defensive skills in the game, yet many Rogue build plans overlook it in favor of pure damage. I strongly advise against this approach. Take Dark Shroud, which also provides some damage mitigation.

    To enhance momentum, select the improved Dash that slows enemies and potentially inflicts daze. Advanced Shadow Step is our next choice.

    Here's where the Imbuements come into play. We opt for Shadow Imbuement with Mixed Shadow Imbuement, as it allows us to apply vulnerability to bosses without relying on trash enemies. With our merry-go-round of abilities and Shadow Imbuement, everything will perish. Puncture will handle vulnerability application on bosses effortlessly. Additionally, we choose Consuming Shadows and max it out. Killing an enemy grants a staggering 30 energy, which is absolutely incredible and a must-have.

    Finally, we can unlock the final upgrade for Shadow Step, which resets its cooldown. This is crucial for our capstone passive ability.

    Next, we'll focus on upgrading Dark Shroud and increasing our critical strike chance. Precision Imbuement will provide additional critical strike chance. Surprisingly, we're going against the grain by investing in defense. With Dark Shroud and the Sturdy talent, I strongly recommend maximizing its effectiveness.

    By prioritizing defense early on, you'll become a rogue who remains alive while soaring through the game, constantly full of energy. Additionally, take the Healing talent. Since we've already invested in critical strike chance enhancements, you'll receive substantial healing whenever you land critical strikes. These decisions will make your rogue self-sustaining and resilient—a truly amazing experience.

    By allocating a point into Momentum, you unlock your ultimate passive ability. I suggest choosing Momentum, which grants a stack for 8 seconds whenever you stun, daze, or freeze an enemy. Dash can occasionally daze enemies, or you can rely on hitting enemies from behind, something rogues excel at. Your frequent use of Shadow Step and the resets it provides should maintain your ultimate passive ability. If you find it challenging to sustain, you can consider switching to another option.

    This ultimate passive ability offers damage reduction, significant energy increases, and enhanced movement speed, all of which will make your rogue feel absolutely incredible.

    Returning to the Talent tree, maximize Siphoning Strikes now that our defense is in order. This enables us to focus on increasing our damage. Exploit and Malice offer damage enhancements, while Weapon Mastery further boosts our offensive capabilities. Beyond this point, you can adapt based on your preferences.

    I recommend investing in Innervation, which grants a 30% chance to gain eight energy on an unlucky hit. Considering the continuous activation of Twisting Blades as you fly around the map, this talent should proc frequently. Afterward, acquire Adrenaline Rush for increased attack speed or Haste for substantial movement speed. The decision between the two depends on your preferences.

    I've pondered the following choices for some time. If I were in your shoes, I would probably max Shadow Imbuement to amplify its damage. Your AOE potential will become astonishing. Your build will be fully optimized, with energy practically limitless.

    At this point, prioritize quality of life improvements. Your AOE damage will significantly improve. Allocate the remaining points to Dash to reduce its cooldown. This Rogue build excels not only in the leveling process but also overall gameplay. You'll feel remarkably swift, durable, and energy-efficient. If you wish to explore alternative paths, there are multiple ways to build your Rogue. I don't claim that this is the only option, but if I were leveling a Rogue, this is exactly how I would approach it, and it will undoubtedly dominate the game.

    Returning to our earlier discussion, acquiring the Blade Dancers Aspect is crucial. Continually update the two swords or daggers you're using for Twisting Blades to ensure they have the highest DPS. However, your two-handed bow doesn't require exceptional stats. It can be any bow you prefer—it serves as a stat stick to support your weapons.

    If you place the Twisting Blades Aspect on the two-handed bow, it will receive a substantial bonus and significantly enhance your gameplay. Once you acquire a solid yellow bow, you can imprint the Blade Dancers Aspect directly onto it. Alternatively, if you prefer to replace your bow frequently, you can place the Aspect on your amulet, although the bonus will be reduced to 50% instead of 100%. That's all you need.

    You can consider picking Edge Masters or Expectant if you desire, as they benefit all classes. However, Blade Dancers Aspect from Act Two is the primary focus. It grants the marvelous merry-go-round effect for Twisting Blades. Emeralds are excellent for critical strike damage to vulnerable enemies, considering you'll be applying vulnerability consistently. Additionally, use rubies for maximum life and skulls in your jewelry for increased armor.

    In terms of stats, since most of your damage will be dealt at close range, prioritize critical strike damage, vulnerability damage, Twisting Blades ranks, life, armor, resistances, and dexterity. These stats will optimize your build for a high-quality leveling experience. I'm confident you'll rarely face challenges, and your performance will be exceptional as you progress towards the endgame.

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