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    Official Hardcore Servers Incoming!

    We've talked about it many times on OC and its been a long time coming with Hardcore Classic WoW. From small community events to completely taking over the World of Warcraft section on Twitch there is no doubt Hardcore Classic WoW is the next great venture for the game. Many debated and wondered what Blizzard would do with a Hardcore server. Many things needed to be addressed. But it seems the went with a more bare minimum approach for the first iteration. Here is what we can expect.

    Some changes we can expect from the current community ran HC mode to these new official servers seem to be the following:

    • Trading is allowed

    • You can group

    • Dungeon Spamming

    • No Appealing your death from grief kills

    And probably a few more niche things. All in all this is probably the right route. I personally was just hoping they would put dungeons on a 1 day CD similar to Heroics in TBC and beyond that way they are not spammed to level. I did enjoy everybody out in the world in the community ran version. Also makes gearing a bit tougher and due to this raises your chance of death quite a bit in the open world.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Looking forward to watching the race to world first resurrection on a hc realm! There's gotta be a way to resurrect that they won't think about right?

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