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    I'm working on a possible boost 1-60, but I need some help from you to set things up.

    Hi folks,

    I'm working on a new method to level boosties from 1 to 60, but I need to find the numbers of all of it to see if it is viable.

    First things off:

    Since of Dragonflight, a boost in Azure Span has gone viral, which is the elite mob tagging/boosting, however, whenever I tryed to boost a character from 10-60, the numbers weren't just worth. Every mob that is tagged by, at maximum, a 2x4 group, would yield 2100xp to this low lvl characters.

    A low level character, can get from 50% to 100% level only by finishing a LFG queued dungeon. So, it makes more than that due to mobs and stuff, depending on the route, which makes me consider of boosting low level characters by using the PartySync tool and running the dungeons with them, with a dedicated group.

    Making some quick math, ("2+2=4 -1 = 3 quick math!"), I realised that if a dungeon yields near to 2.25 levels to a low level character, every dungeon is done in under 10min (but lets assume 10min, so, 0.225 levels per minute) and, the queues are instant (due to the fact that it would be a 5man premade-group, 4 boosters and 1 boostie), it turns that, we'd need to run 26.2 dungeons, which is 4.37h if we are running one dungeon every 10min.

    I feel that this is the "legit" way of "normal" boost, with a dedicated group. The numbers are kind of assumed and not very rigurous, due to the fact that I haven't tested it yet. So, thats what I need from you guys, information.

    I've seen in many websides the exp thresholds of every level even though they arent very very exact as the values we are having right now (Required Experience Per Level Changes in Dragonflight - News - Icy Veins); however, I haven't seen the values of LFG xp reward per dungeon per level at any place. I have tho, checked few alters of mine, from 20 to 55, and I can tell that it gets better as the character is more level:

    For the sakes of this post, i'll write a pseudo table to make it understandable:

    "Level of the character ---- Xp to level up (k) ---- LFG Xp reward (k) --- % of lvl from the LFG xp reward"
    20 ---- 23,525 ----16,660 --- 70%
    30 ---- 41,100 ---- 24,700 --- 60%
    31 ---- 45,589 ---- 25,500 --- 56%
    33 ---- 46,360 ---- 27,100 --- 58,4%
    35 ---- 46,880 ---- 28,750 ---61,3%
    41 ---- 46,915 ---- 33,600 --- 71,62%
    50 ---- 42,690 ---- 40,900 --- 95,8%

    According to this samples from my alts, as you level up, the function of the LFG xp reward increases and decreases. So maybe what it normalizes everything is mob/xp yield, but for obvious reasons I haven't tested it yet.

    After all this walltext, I would like to see few things:
    1.- How fast can a LFG dungeon be done? Can we beat the 10min mark? Is it possible to force one expansion sample of dungeons and spam it if, in its average, every dungeon is short?
    2.- How relevant is mob/xp on the full process? In the quick math above, I assumed that every dungeon would yield 2.25 lvls per run, meaning, 225% on the table above, so 225%-LFGxpperlevel = mobxp; that number has to be 155% for lvl 20; 129,2% for lvls 50 respectively. Since I have any source of mob exp in dungeons (can't find it), i'd appreciate some help.
    3.- Which classes could be super good for low lvl dungeons? Aiming for the best 4man (tank healer +2dps) or 3man group (tank healer +1dps) in case that it could be possible, is crucial.

    If any of you can give me data regarding the average time of a dungeon in low lvl, and how do classes feel in such brackets, or if you could give me some other ideas for having this done in a worth-wile way, I'm all ears!

    Thanks alot!

    I'm working on a possible boost 1-60, but I need some help from you to set things up.

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