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    Holy shit I've never seen someone so irritated over a harmless comment, you're making stuff up in your head, the type of person considering himself the victim of everything happening in the world, everyone hate you, everyone twist your words, you're a true victim. Get some help, clearly you have either mental issues, or some serious stuff happening in your life, no sane person act that way, I'm truly sorry for you.

    You're great for providing the addon to random people on the internet, but that doesn't make you some kind of exceptional person either. If not you, someone else will, it's the internet. Stop updating it if you will, no one will miss such such a random cry baby on a random forum. If you stop providing the addon to people over one person asking as a question regarding the version potentially be miss spelled (yes you know, mistakes happens, even to the best, I know), then your intentions were not to "be that so awesome guy providing people out of the goodness of his heart getting no gratitude"

    Cheers, and seriously get some help... Talk to someone.

    PS: And no, I'm not going to do anything because that's the whole point of me being there initially, not wanting to get the addon myself, and your thread was the first result. But don't worry, I'm out, there is other providers online for the addon anyway, a couple of google searches away, couldn't care less about your tantrum
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    Originally Posted by xcyezhf View Post
    But don't worry, I'm out, there is other providers online for the addon anyway, a couple of google searches away, couldn't care less about your tentrum
    Yea and who provides that addon you find in the google search? It will be me.

    Thanks for showing your true colors. No matter where you get the addon, I made it. So you dug your own whole and pushed yourself in to it.
    It was better when you said nothing, I would not be constantly attacked then for posting what you want for free. When you provide nothing, no help but only a mouth.

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