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    Free weekend with PixeloBot 13-15.05.2022

    500+ Users !!! Fast 24H Online Support. You don't know how to set up a bot? No problem. We will do it for you !!!

    PixeloBot Paladin No Enigma Travi 2.0 its Live Now !!!

    Features for Immortal Sorc setup:
    -Auto run Pindle, Shenk and Eldritch

    Features for Paladin Enigma setup:
    -Auto run Pindle, Shenk, Eldritch and Travi

    Features for Sorc Blizzard/Fire setup:
    -Auto run Pindle

    Features for Paladin non Enigma setup:
    -Auto run Eldritch
    -Auto run Travi

    All Bots:
    -10 random road to stash
    -Auto pickup Heal potions if need
    -Auto use Full Reju in fight
    -Auto Heal Merc
    -Auto repair
    -Auto loot Uniqe , Runes, Charms, Set (pickitmod)
    -Auto res merc and pickup body
    -Auto stash all tabs
    -Auto restart if fail (error log)
    -Free test
    -NEW offline mode

    What is D2R Pixelo Bot?
    Pixelo is D2R bot that uses mouse coursor to play the game without tampering with game data or RAM stored info. It is 99% effective - meaning out of 100 runs, 99 will complete successfully after proper setup. Bot can run for 8 hours straight without interruption or bugging out, usage over 8 hours D2R account is not recommended however Bot can run for many hours without intervention. D2R Pixelo bot is not an open source product which means its code is encrypted and more difficult to detect.

    Is it secure?
    Application does not need to access any game information or data stored in RAM which makes it secure. Bot is 100% malware free, check out chat channel and feel free to confirm with 500+ user base.

    Will I get banned?
    Since October 2021 launch of D2R Pixelo, there has been ZERO cases when user got banned if he followed usage guidlines. There are no confirmed ban cases for users that use bot 8 hours with 12 hour breaks per D2R account and do not use any other 3rd party apps like Maphack. With this statement, you need to appreciate that any type of botting is a risk and might lead to ban.

    What is the return of investment?
    Due to RNG loot nature of D2R it is not possible to guarantee any drops, however here are estimates based on our user feedback:
    Full Paladin - 1 HR every 2-3 days
    Travincal Paladin - 1 HR every 3-4 days
    Immortal Sorceress - 1 HR every 3-5 days
    Pindle Sorceress - 1 HR every 4-7 days

    Join Discord and test it !!! https://discord.gg/z7gyCTgPAF
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    These ads disappear when you log in.

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    I spent days trying to find a bot that really worked and wasn't a scam until I found pixelobot. It is quite easy to use, constantly updated and best of all is that the creator is giving help in the discord for those of us who are heads and do not know how to configure xD.

    Nothing more to add, it has a trial version and you can check the positive feedback on the discord

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