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    Destiny 2 Glitch Gives Hunters Massive Damage Boost

    Destiny 2 players discover a major damage boost for Arcstrider hunters, which is easy to activate and easily breaks the PvE experience.
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    Following the launch of the Witch Queen expansion, many fans believe Destiny 2 has finally hit its stride and is in the best state it has ever been in. Combined with the recent story arcs from the expansion and recent seasons, players now have an almost overwhelming amount of content to keep them logging back in. From the new Legendary Witch Queen campaign, to repeatable missions like the Wellspring and PsiOps Battlegrounds, Season 16 has certainly kept its players busy.

    However, for all the recent successes, Destiny 2 has had its fair share of problems ranging from bugs, glitches, and a few other gameplay related issues. One massive thorn in the side of Bungie has been the exotic fusion rifle Telesto, which has been responsible for a huge amount of bugs and broken content over the years. Players are always looking for ways to gain an advantage over some of Destiny 2's most difficult content and this latest glitch is a doozy.

    The latest Destiny 2 glitch gives Arcstrider hunters a massive damage boost which remains permanent until death if players perform a specific action at the right time. In order to activate the damage buff, players will need to be running the Way of the Current (middle) Arcstrider tree as well as equipping the Blight Ranger exotic helmet. Recently added to the game alongside the Witch Queen expansion, the Blight Ranger amplifies attacks that have been redirected by the player's Arc Staff super.

    In order to activate the buff, players need to activate their super and immediately call their sparrow while they're getting shot at by enemies. Done correctly, the 5x damage buff will remain active on all equipped weapons, letting players clear enemies with incredible ease. While Destiny 2 players won't be seeing a modifier in the left-hand side of the screen to let them know the buff is active, it should be fairly evident as enemies go down incredibly fast.

    It's worth mentioning that Bungie will very likely be patching this out considering how game breaking the glitch can be in PvE situations. The studio has a long track record for dealing with damage related glitches and bugs, commonly disabling a particular exotic item temporarily until the issue is fully resolved. One of the more high profile cases of this was back in 2020 when Sunbreaker Titans could essentially keep stacking melee damage buffs thanks to a bug with the Wormgod Caress exotic gauntlets. Bungie eventually fixed the glitch, but the exotics were disabled for a time until the patch was made live.

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