For people who didn't play Legion, there has to be a better rep catch-up mechanic for the Allied rac menu

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    For people who didn't play Legion, there has to be a better rep catch-up mechanic for the Allied rac

    In past expansions, faster rep grinding techniques aren't so essential since they don't gate of entire races. In Legion, you would naturally slowly get to Exalted over the expansion and get the races if you pre-ordered BfA. But now that BfA's launched, if you want rep for Highmountain as my example, you have a few choices:

    Grind World quests (~75 rep, 8h+ cooldown per 2/3 WQs)

    Grind Embissary quests (~1,500 rep, weekly, maybe)

    Find every treasure chest for Insignia (Alot harder if you can't fly)

    Kill rares on Argus for a >0.1% drop rate (1,000 rep, ~50 mobs, YOU GET ONE CHANCE DAILY PER MOB)

    Dungeon run (250 rep, speed varies from class to class) - The optimal and consistent way

    These are designed to be done over a few months for a quite core part of the game. I wouldn't mind if it was my level, but it's just mindlessly running through a dungeon 10 levels below me. Running through the entrance, rushing the Worm boss, leaving out the back door, walking around the mountain, resetting, and repeating. This is what I'm encouraged to do to get to Exalted.

    I know there are alot of methods, especially cinema hd compared to factions in previous expansions. But getting Exalted with them gets you some pets, mounts, and Tabard options; these 4 gate you out of entire races.

    I think the best solution would be having an experience tabard you could buy ala the Orgrimmar/Undercity/Thunder Bluff/Darkspear/Silvermoon/Bilgewater tabards (doing dungeons your level gets you rep for HM/Surumar/AoL/AR). That means people who really want them can do the cool new content, while making progress to those Allied races. Either that or dropping it down to Revered instead of Exalted later in BfA
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