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    Hardcore Deaths and Community Highlights

    Instead of writing an article about a specific game or just the industry let's take it back to the simplicity of community highlights sprinkled with some fun clips including Hardcore WoW deaths.

    Instantly Return to Keepers Respite (Daily Specific)

    by Ordes

    This exploit, as Ordes states, makes farming in Korthia "laughable". There is also a video inside to show how powerful this is but this is the definition of a time saver.

    How to make a ton of gold out of the mage tower

    by advanta

    You can always expect advanta to deliver the goods to OwnedCore. This also includes a video inside for a more detailed explanation. It seems to be a simple 3 step process using a mount glitch and the mage tower to earn yourself some serious coin in WoW. With the recent prices of WoW tokens we take this every single day.

    How to farm honor super fast

    by advanta

    Back to back advanta threads. Per usual another video inside for details but the gist of it seems to be utilizing a battle standard in epic battlegrounds.

    Arenas - Get any Proc using Winter Festivals Clockwork Rocket Bot

    by Ordes

    I'm not sure if this still works as the Winter Festival in Classic is now gone but nonetheless this seems like such an insane exploit that got overlooked by many. PvP exploits especially in a competitive ranking setting such as arena are so powerful and absolute game changers.

    Mistletoe & Fresh Holly Farm | 600 of each per hour - SoM/TBC

    by WoWSecretsYT

    Similarly to the thread above this is null as the festival is now over but that's not to say how insane this was when it was out. WoWSecretsYT always coming in clutch with the video inside explaining it in detail as well.

    THE Worst Warcraft Video Ever Made!

    by Advanta

    I'm not exactly sure how to explain the video inside this thread but what I will say is this is a must watch. Grab a snack and sit back for this one.

    Now for some Hardcore WoW death clips to make your day. Keep in mind these people all have to delete their characters once it dies.

    Duo dies in Wetlands.

    Group of 60's Die in LBRS. The hunter clicking pet attack over and over.

    Warrior dies in BRD after being knocked in lava

    60 Mage Fails the UBRS Kite

    Level 60 Warrior dies in BRD

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