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    [Levelling BOT] GydrusBot - the most advanced bot -


    If you are looking for a professional solution for your LoL botting needs, look no more.

    GydrusBot has been in the market for almost 2 years now, giving exceptional support and service for its users. I take high pride on this, I always give personal support to everyone even fixing and managing servers from users.

    Not only its reliability will rarely make you touch the bots, but its management capabilities through Web Dashboard are going to make you ask yourself how did you not use this bot before.

    And some of you might be asking, if this bot is so great how did I never hear of it before?

    The answer is simple: I've never done any type of mass advertisement or put much effort into marketing it.

    Every single person that has tried Gydrus and all other bots, have always preferred Gydrus over them. Don't take it from me, ask any user on our Discord: GydrusBot - regarding prices, there can be further discounts, just ask me directly kj#9203.

    Now some stats for those of you that are a little more experienced in botting.
    - Banrate less than 1% across all regions.
    - Always above 95% ingame rate. The highest of all bots in the market. Making it the most stable and the one that finishes accounts in the least amount of time.
    - Endless customization features.
    - All ideas and requests for features are implemented.

    These are the features of the bot:

    |=| Bot Technology
    |===| Able to run without LPQ 19 VMS (Premium License) on the i7 4770 Server.
    |===| Automatic Bot Updates
    |===| Disenchant only mode and Missions mode.

    |=| Web Dashboard
    |===| Operations Overview with in-depth accounts sorting and filtering (Region, Disenchant Type, etc). Choose exactly what information to see in your dashboard.
    |===| Handle Accounts through dashboard actions (Pause, Change Acc, Restart, Turn Off Acc, Restart VM, Turn Off VM).
    |===| Credentials Page to store and export accounts with filtering and sorting. Highly customizable exporting format.
    |===| Skin Searcher, look for specific skins in your stock of accounts.
    |===| Servers Monitoring, force servers to only use accounts with a specific region or priority value. Handle that server with 1 click enforcing an action on all accounts playing on it.
    |===| History of actions, monitor your every move in your dashboard.

    |=| Server Manager (GydrusManager).
    |===| Clone, Delete, Restart and Start Virtual Machines functions all through dashboard with 1 click.
    |===| Overview of server statistics in real-time (CPU, GPU, Drives, Network Traffic).
    |===| Maintain VMs ON (Ability to always maintain a desired number of vms turned on, Gydrus Manager will periodically check for turned off vms and turn them on).
    |===| Automatic VM reclonning when League is detected as broken (only way to fix is to reinstall league or reclone working VM).
    |===| Home servers compatible (distinction with same ip).
    |===| All these functions can be handled via Discord bot aswell.

    |=| Web Hooks
    |===| Automate your marketplace website with Gydrus WebHooks (available for Quota Finished, Banned Account, Name Taken and LPQ events).
    |=| Discord Bot
    |===| Be notified through Discord when accounts: are banned, are put in LPQ and finish their quota.

    |=| Checker and Account Creator (Discord Bot)
    |===| Dashboard Accounts and .txt file checker with a Discord bot commands. Automatic account status update after check (Banned accounts will be updated on Gydrus dashboard).
    |===| Account Creator with Discord bot commands.

    League Account Options:
    - Desired BE
    - Desired Level
    - Icon Id
    - Priority (choosing accounts to play over others)
    - Random Lane choosing
    - Skip if summoner name differs from account name
    - New Player Mission rewards (6 missions, ability to choose which champions to redeem)
    - Summoner Spell key placement (D, F or random bound to account)
    - Disenchant Loot options (disenchant permanent champs, shard champs, convert tokens to random champions and redeem them)
    - Complete specific number of New Player missions (Ensuring MAX possible Blue Essence).
    - Black and White list champions.

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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