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    I have a pixel bot, I need help to avoid detection.

    I have a partner that have developed a bot based on pixels/weak auras. This bot its capable of simple task like killing stuff and looting/skinning on a specific Route.
    The bot was able to run for more than a month being undetactable doing individual skinning/looting. But the ammount of gold earned was really low, So I made him a suggestion.

    I had experience with farming on Retail wow, And I knew some old spots for Raw gold farming that work in group. So I gave him some directions to design a bot for farming hyperspawn spots.
    So we got 5 characters on the same spot, all of them are running on a different virtual machine/ip.

    The bot was working just great but the accounts were banned just after 1 week. So our new task its to discover how its blizzard detecting this. Since they didnt detect the bots when they were running individually, Whats the difference now?
    Maybe they just have better detection with bots farming in groups?

    To give some details, the bots were farming 12-15 hours per day for 4 days. At the end of the day they sent an email with the gold farmed to another account.
    The bot funcionality its pretty simple, They run on a circle on the hyperspawn spot, spamming aoe habilities and looting. Maybe they are detecting the characters running the same route many times?
    Im pretty sure this is not report based since I didnt see a single person On the spots on the 4 days of farming.
    If you have any suggestions Let me know, Feel free to add me on discord sunstrider#3190.
    This have a lot of potential I must Say and we do need some help

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    There could be many reasons for the bans... 1. You were reported by a player. 2. The bot is detected by Blizzard. 3. Your actions in-game were deemed bot-like. Who knows! To avoid 1 and 3, use the bot smarter and not for so long. Add some random element to the actions you perform in-game. To avoid 2, have the bot installed remotely from the game. This is how Chimpeon needs to be used alongside WOW... Using Chimpeon on a Remote PC/Laptop or Virtual Machine

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    Rofl, this always comes off as so lazy.

    "I don't know how warden actually works or what to do to bypass it, so just run wow/bot in VM and the other on main PC" 🙄
    Put some time and effort into a real bypass and you're golden, then you only have to worry about in game reports and bot like behaviour. 🤷*♂️
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