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    League of Legends - Private Scripting Platform [Verification needed]

    Winia Software

    It is a very closed cheat and restricted to a very small community for maximum security.

    I am actually selling the software for 100€ in BTC for 31 days.

    Read everything bellow before contacting me please, this is VERY IMPORTANT.

    Note : I do not looking for vouches. My software is PRIVATE so i don't give a fuck if you trust this or not, only a select few will have the chance to access the program.

    Note : You will need to take a SELFIE with your ID card in hand for getting VERIFIED, only way for me to stay undetected with my actual community. If you plan to buy and do not want send me what i am asking for on telegram, I will block you as soon as possible, I have no time to lose with children.

    (Precision : I am only asking for identity card or driver license. I won't stock these informations this is ONLY for security purpose.)

    We do not have any reseller selling this, I am the one and only one to invite people and make payments through Telegram or Discord.

    - Smooth and fast Orbwalker
    - No more pixel search, no more slow performance or any fps drop
    - Jungle tracker
    - Lance Clear and jungle clear
    - Last hit
    - Advanced target selector
    - Smart activators
    - Smooth and Humanized Evade
    - Support all champions
    - Streaming mode
    - Dodge alert
    - Auto accept
    - Fast update every patch
    - Undetected for 8+ months
    - Experienced Developers
    - Support RIOT \ CN \ KR \ JP \ GARENA


    Supported Anticheats: Riot Anticheat - Undetected since launch and never been detected once
    Supported OS: Windows 10 1803-latest one (x64)
    Supported CPUs: AMD & INTEL
    Support only borderless


    1. Don't use other platform or script when using MY product. Security reasons. If you get banned because you used more than 2 software on League of Legends, this just can't be mine. Be aware of this.
    However you can still use any other cheat software on the other different games but be careful I don't recommend it.

    2. HWID reset are on demand, just contact me and this will be reset in few minutes if i'm online and few hours if i'm disconnected.

    3. A full verification of your identity before being able to buy my scripting program. (Identity card or Driver license)


    How many this will cost for being part of this ?

    If you are accepted after verification, you will need to pay 100€ for your place with us for a period of 1 month.

    Is your software internal ?

    My software is internal, yes.

    How many time do we need to wait for the slots to open ?

    You have to wait until a user does not renew with us. Keep in mind that you can join us at any time if the previous people have been refused for any reason on the verification identity control.

    How many slots are currently open ?

    20 slots. I will update this if we got many new customers.

    What paiement method do you takes ?

    We currently only take BITCOIN payment.

    Since when do you start this software ?

    Since October 2020. No issues, no bans or anything like that since the launch. Also if any issues occure, i will obviously help you if something goes wrong.

    Can we get refund in case you can't solve the problem or for anything else ?

    I will solve your problem for sure if this happen, no refund can be maid.

    Any preview of it ?

    Yes bellow. If you are getting accepted and paid, you will get what you paid for and every instructions will be clearly noted on telegram.

    How many time it takes for update ?

    As soon as i am online. All users will be compensated.




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