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    Destiny 2 Steam Account | All Classes | All Exotics | 17 Seals | All DLC | Full Access

    PC Destiny 2 High End Account with an extremely rare and just rare emblems.
    Destiny 2: Digital Deluxe Edition.
    Cross-Save: Available
    All DLC's included and completed.

    Full price - 2000$.
    For all questions and screens, write me - Solemn#6170

    Looking through the Destiny Raid Report, this account's
    Speed Rank is top 2% ,and the Full Clear Rank is top 2%.

    Looking through the Destiny Tracker and Trials Report, this account's
    Trials of Osiris - 1.50 kd (226 flawless).
    Competitive (Glory Rank) - 1.41 kd.
    Valor (Quick Games) - 1.77 kd.

    3 Characters:

    Warlock - Human - Male (Power: 1320+)

    Hunter - Awoken - Female (Power: 1320+)

    Titan - Awoken - Female (Power: 1320+)

    All Stasis Subclasses, Aspects, Fragments, Abilities Unlocked for each character.

    Materials: Legendary Shards: 31 000+ Bright Dust: 24 000+, Enhancement Cores: 3000+,
    Planetary materials: all current except new ones above 2 000.

    All 3 Characters have 1320+ power (full 1320+ gear sets).
    Includes almost 290+ stats set on a Hunter, 250+ stats sets on a Warlock, 270+ stats sets on a Titan.
    There is a lot of items that cannot be obtained anymore.
    Total time played in Steam: 3000 hours.
    More than 331 Mods.
    Exotics Weapon 80/81, Exotic Armor 93/96, Catalysts 52/54, Items - 4281/4884.
    325 Emblems including rare and very rare.
    Lifetime Triumphs Score - 121 448, Active Triumph Score - 16 613.
    Seals - 9, Legacy Seals - 8, Total number of seals - 17.
    Badges 16/21.

    Curated Rolls:

    Luna's Howl, Not Forgotten, Redrix's Broadsword,
    The Mountaintop, The Recluse, Revoker,
    Randy's Throwing Knife, Komodo-4FR, Point of the Stag,
    Breakneck, 21% Delirium, Hush, Exit Strategy, Python,
    Loaded Question, Oxygen SR3, Wendigo GL3, Edgewise,
    Buzzard, Midnight Coup, Alone As a God, Lincoln Green,
    Silicon Neuroma, Warden's Law, Horror Story, threat Level,
    Nation Of Beasts, Twilight Oath, The Ringing Nail,
    No Feelings, Tatara Gaze, The Vow, Emperor's Courtesy,
    Adored, Stryker's Sure Hand.

    God rolls:

    Bottom Dollar x2, True Prophecy x2, Fatebringer, First in Last out, Heritage, Retold Tale , Riiswalker,
    Astral Horizon (Adept), Igneous Hammer (Adept) x2, The Palindrome (Adept) x2, Stochastic Variable, Ikelos SMG,
    Seventh Seraph CQC x3, Crown-Splitter, The Messenger (Adept) x2, Eye of Sol, Shayura's Wrath, The Summoner (Adept),
    Falling Guillotine, Exile's Curse (Adept), Dire Promise x2, Ignition Code, Truthteller, Corrective Measure,
    Nation of Beasts x2, Extraordinary Rendition, Escape Velocity, Multimach CCX, Distant Tumulus, Omniscient Eye,
    Frozen Orbit, The Supremacy, Ikelos SR, Threaded Needle, Commemoration, Crimil's Dagger.

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