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    User link: View Profile: NEX143
    Discord: NeXsusAir143#2416
    Discord ID: 224520569066881024
    PayPal Email: [email protected]
    Name: Mustafa Altintas

    I had an agreement with this user where he would create a custom code on my WordPress website for an Apex Legends Rank Calculator and Diablo 3 Paragon Calculator. He said he can deliver it within 1 day.

    We agreed on 250 EUR total. Transaction started on 25 March, 2021.

    A day went by and he still hadn't completed much, he said his dog passed away. I gave him more time because I felt bad for him.

    Then 5 days went by and he can't to deliver the code and implement it in my website. He uploaded it today and it has many bugs and not functioning properly. He says it's "my problem" and cannot fix it because he's not paid to do that.

    He refuses to refund even though I told him he could keep 25 EUR for his time.

    I have all chat logs through Discord proving that he cannot and will not deliver the work he promised. Actually, it looks like he hit a wall and is unable to fix it so he just wants to get out of the situation and keep the money.

    His Discord ID: 224520569066881024
    His Discord: https://i.imgur.com/zT7e7cl.png

    I provided all chat proof between both of us so you can see how he refuses to deliver, fix or even refund my money.

    I will explain every image:

    Here I tell him that I am looking for a boosting calculator similar to one on a website that I showed him.


    Here I tell him that I want him to create the calculator, implement it on our website and make sure that it works, which he did not do.


    Here he tells me it will take 15h-20h of coding and that he would charge me 250 EUR for database/code/style + background design. He did not deliver a single thing from that.


    He says it will take 24 hours to complete. We started the transaction on 25 March, 2021.


    Here he says he wants 25% upfront which I paid. And the remaining 75% to be paid once everything functions properly and when I am satisfied.


    Here, after 4 days of excuses he tells me he is finished with Apex Calculator and ready to implement it and wants 100 EUR. I clearly told him to implement it and see what changes need to be made. He told me not to worry and that he will handle it.


    Here I start to tell him about the issue I am facing with the Apex Calculator that he finally implemented on the website.


    Again, me telling him that there is clearly an issue/bug and that it needs to be addressed.


    Again, telling him and explaining and showing him pictures of the issue yet he still denies it and says everything works fine for him.


    Same thing, explaining the issue but he denies it.


    Now he says it's "my part", in other words I have to find a way to fix it. He also asks me to provide a background of Apex and Paragon which was supposed to be done by him, not me.


    Again, telling him there's an issue and that he needs to fix it before moving on to anything else. He says "thats ur part" which has nothing to do with me. He implemented the code, he needs to fix it. I asked him to stop working on paragon calculator and focus on apex calculator.


    Again, blaming me instead of trying to fix the bug himself.


    Here he's explaining how his code works and I tell him it's wrong but he refuses to cooperate.


    Here he says that he wants me to pay him as per our 250 EUR agreement. I tell him he didn't deliver what he promised he said he would. Then he tells me to open a ticket on epvp because he refuse to refund any money. I even told him to keep 25 EUR for his time and refund 125 EUR but he refuses and wants to keep all the money.


    Here I keep telling him to resolve it in a friendly manner but he refuses and wants to keep all the money and no longer wants to work or deliver anything.


    To recap:

    1) He said 1 day delivery, it has been 5 days and he's not close to being finished.
    2) He refuses to fix anything and keeps blaming me.
    3) He no longer wants to work or deliver the code and wants to keep the money.
    4) I told him to keep part of the money and refund the rest, he refuses and wants to keep it all.

    It's best for us to part ways and refund my money. He's not interested in working or delivering the work that I want.

    I told him he could keep 25 EUR for his time and refund the remaining 125 EUR, yet he refused.

    Payment proof:

    Stay away from him. Do not ask him to do any work for you. He's just interested in taking the money and puts in very little effort for anything else until you get fed up.

    He also removed me from Discord when I started facing him with facts.
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