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    EliminationCheats - Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats

    We are back! EliminationCheats has been providing cheats since 2012. Giving you an advantage over your competition in your favorite games.
    We offer cheats ranging from AAA to indie games and are looking to add new ones constantly. We have great support available at nearly 24/7 to help you out if there are any issues.
    Whether you want to be legitimate or rage, either way EliminationCheats will provide you a way to eliminate your enemies and turn winning to an every game occasion.

    I'm currently waiting for my Website to go live from my developer so sales will be made on discord till then.

    MY DISCORD: EliminationCheats#5204

    NEW DISCORD SERVER: EliminationCheats ( You will need to verify)


    | PAYPAL |

    [ 1 MONTH = €30 ]

    [ 3 MONTHS = £60 ]

    BUY VIA DISCORD: EliminationCheats

    Anti-Cheat: UNDETECTED



    - The cheat will automatically aim at the selected part of the enemy’s body in order to achieve phenomenal accuracy. You will easily strike your opponent even while using a tank.
    - You can configure the aiming locations, smoothness and the reaction distance from your crosshair.


    - There will be lines around the characters and you will have the opportunity to see them through walls. You will be able to set the distance of displaying, the colour, and its intensity.
    - Wallhack can you the admins, cars, only open cars and so on.
    - You can see the HP of your enemy, weapon, Armour and other useful stuff.

    **Vehicle speed hack + ultimate control**

    - Drive like a mad, drive very fast, you can even make your car fly. You can also enable the vehicle god mode and it won’t be broken if you accidentally crash into something.

    **Teleport + Teleport to Way point**

    - No more wasting time running. Make the fast money teleporting between the missions. Do the missions fast without needle to run or driver somewhere.
    - You can teleport in a vehicle, no problems. Go to the truck and reach the destination in a second.

    **Teleport to the mouse location**

    - Want to get up on the roof in a second? No problems.
    Mouse location teleport can also allow you to go through the walls.
    You become a real ninja with it!

    **Teleport into the car**

    Cheat allows you to teleport into the cars. No matter if you own them or not. It might be a special car like a Police car or anything, no problems!

    **Armour restoration**

    Now you can restore your Armor using the cheat
    It is way safer than a Self-healing, people can’t see your Armor.

    **Flying cars**

    - If you want to have some fun, we have a feature for you which can make your car fly in any direction at any speed.

    **Fly hack**

    - Want to fly with your character? No problems, EC can do it.
    - The fly hack allows you to travel absolutely anywhere at almost any speed.


    - This feature allows you to self-heal. You can do it always, you can do it using a hotkey, any activation method you want.
    - self healing hack rage mp

    **Friends list**

    - Now you can add your friends to the HAG and they will get a separate color and settings.
    Also, AIMBOT won’t target them which is great for cooperative missions
    Rage MP hack friends list

    **NoSpread + NoRecoil**

    - This feature makes all your bullets fly exactly where your sight shows

    Undetected FireM, Rage MP, Alt V, RP servers

    This cheats is more of a legit cheat never had one detection with the anti-cheat system so if you want some advantage here you are, It's safest Battlefield cheats you could have for legit.

    Before people say SCAM as usual join my cord and see what it's like!

    ОС support:

    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows 10 64 bit

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