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    Temtem Bot⭐Catch/Release⭐Luma Finder⭐Keep 50SVs⭐Natural Movement⭐Undetected⭐

    Status: UNDETECTED since 4/03/2020

    Latest Interface:

    Contact Information & Pricing at the end of post

    Movement Modes:
    Left / Right (with random variation)
    Up / Down (with random variation)
    Smart Circle (non-repetitive circle pattern)
    Random (natural movement)
    * Direction changes are chance based driven by AI designed to make the movement look natural
    (Temmy is stealthy)

    Attack Modes:
    Attack / Beat em' (will beat up any Temtem that Temmy finds)
    Capture / Release [Keep 50 Option] (release for pansun [hunt for perfect 50 SV's])
    Capture / Deposit (capture & keep all Temtems)
    Luma Finder / Run (run away if no Luma is found)

    Battle Features:
    Choose attacks for each Temtem (primary, secondary & healing Moves for complex combat)
    Intelligent Healing System - Knows which Temtem has lower Health Points (prioritizes healing for lowest HP ally Temtem)
    Capture Temtem at Desired Health [Green, Yellow, Red] (don't waste temcards - make more pansun!)
    Choose Targeting Styles (status effect targeting, back & forth targeting)
    On Ally Temtem Death, Temmy will swap out your Temtem
    Stamina Awareness: Uses "Wait" when a move can no longer be used.

    Luma Settings:
    Wait (pauses Temmy)
    Logout (auto log out after a natural amount of time)
    Throw Cards (throw cards if Luma is found, afterwards continue previous combat mode)
    * Luma Detection is 100% accurate & FAST - under .2 millisecond response time
    * Luma Detection is always active - any "attack mode" in Temmy will still use your Luma Setting when it encounters a Luma!

    Pause / Logout Features:
    Set Pause After Time (i.e. pause after 60 mins)
    Set Pause Duration (i.e. pause for 23 mins)
    Set Logout After Time (i.e. logout after 420 mins)
    * Visual Timers (green pause bar means Temmy is active, yellow pause bar means Temmy is paused)
    * Temmy adds a random amount of time between 1 millisecond & 40 minutes for enhanced security

    Move Style:
    Choose if you want Temmy to use "Arrow Keys" OR "WASD Keys"
    * Make Temmy play like you!

    Observation Tab:
    Displays realtime count of each encounter & every Temtem that Temmy finds

    Luma Calculator Tab:
    Accurate Realtime Luma Calculator displays the chance to see a luma using good ole' fashioned Trigonometry!

    PC Speed:
    Gaming PC = Faster PC
    Laptop / VM = Slower PC
    * I've thoroughly tested & optimized Temmy to work on any PC - Both settings are incredibly reliable!

    Pixel Bot - ONLY uses the color information on your screen / NO memory reading (Impossible to detect!)
    Natural Movement - A custom algorythm analyzes your potential next move to ensure it looks natural
    Temmy emulates realistic key presses, releases, delays & transitions - All timings are random
    OOB System - Detects if you are "Out of Bounds" (it completely stops itself & logs you out )
    Pressing in-game keys is intercepted by Temmy, it pauses itself & returns control (avoiding key overlap - preventing detection)
    Temmy will auto log out during any situation using in-game screens (NOT Alt + F4)
    Hide mode: Hides Temmy from your screen, taskbar & notification area while Temmy is running
    Each license of Temmy is made specifically for you & your PC (Custom AES encryption for each user)
    Utilizes a unique driver that grabs your keyboard's PID/VID & sends hardware inputs
    * Temmy masks its activation keys from the rest of your PC using this same driver (Crema won't see any strange inputs)

    Upcoming Features:
    Phone Notifications (50% Complete)
    Healing prompt for additional healing options
    Complete team battle configuration
    More to come!

    Prices for LIFETIME LICENSE of Temmy Bot:
    - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum: $30 (Next 10 users *Discount)
    - Paypal: $35 (Next 10 users *Discount)

    After your purchase you will be invited to the Temmy Discord community!

    Contact me on Discord at Canulae#8352
    and/or PM me here so we can get started!
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    These ads disappear when you log in.

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    Bought this bot a week ago and im very pleased with it. Everything works well and it's low profile.
    Developer is thoughtful and super quick fixing minor bugs and hiccups

    10/10 would recommend

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    Just recently bought this bot and loving it so far!
    The dev is really helpful when setting up and responds very quickly!
    As for the bot its really safe and super intuitive with all the features to maximize safety.

    10/10 recommend 100%

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