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    Curiousity kills this cat,

    I am interested, and would like to contact you if it is still undected.

    Originally Posted by Temmmy View Post
    Status: UNDETECTED since 4/03/2020

    Latest Interface:

    Contact Information & Pricing at the end of post

    Movement Modes:
    Left / Right (with random variation)
    Up / Down (with random variation)
    Smart Circle (non-repetitive circle pattern)
    Random (natural movement)
    * Direction changes are chance based driven by AI designed to make the movement look natural
    (Temmy is stealthy)

    Attack Modes:
    Attack / Beat em' (will beat up any Temtem that Temmy finds)
    Capture / Release [Keep 50 Option] (release for pansun [hunt for perfect 50 SV's])
    Capture / Deposit (capture & keep all Temtems)
    Luma Finder / Run (run away if no Luma is found)

    Battle Features:
    Choose attacks for each Temtem (primary, secondary & healing Moves for complex combat)
    Intelligent Healing System - Knows which Temtem has lower Health Points (prioritizes healing for lowest HP ally Temtem)
    Capture Temtem at Desired Health [Green, Yellow, Red] (don't waste temcards - make more pansun!)
    Choose Targeting Styles (status effect targeting, back & forth targeting)
    On Ally Temtem Death, Temmy will swap out your Temtem
    Stamina Awareness: Uses "Wait" when a move can no longer be used.

    Luma Settings:
    Wait (pauses Temmy)
    Logout (auto log out after a natural amount of time)
    Throw Cards (throw cards if Luma is found, afterwards continue previous combat mode)
    * Luma Detection is 100% accurate & FAST - under .2 millisecond response time
    * Luma Detection is always active - any "attack mode" in Temmy will still use your Luma Setting when it encounters a Luma!

    Pause / Logout Features:
    Set Pause After Time (i.e. pause after 60 mins)
    Set Pause Duration (i.e. pause for 23 mins)
    Set Logout After Time (i.e. logout after 420 mins)
    * Visual Timers (green pause bar means Temmy is active, yellow pause bar means Temmy is paused)
    * Temmy adds a random amount of time between 1 millisecond & 40 minutes for enhanced security

    Move Style:
    Choose if you want Temmy to use "Arrow Keys" OR "WASD Keys"
    * Make Temmy play like you!

    Observation Tab:
    Displays realtime count of each encounter & every Temtem that Temmy finds

    Luma Calculator Tab:
    Accurate Realtime Luma Calculator displays the chance to see a luma using good ole' fashioned math!

    PC Speed:
    Gaming PC = Faster PC
    Laptop / VM = Slower PC
    * I've thoroughly tested & optimized Temmy to work on any PC - Both settings are incredibly reliable!

    Pixel Bot - ONLY uses the color information on your screen / NO memory reading (Impossible to detect!)
    Natural Movement - A custom algorythm analyzes your potential next move to ensure it looks natural
    Temmy emulates realistic key presses, releases, delays & transitions - All timings are random
    OOB System - Detects if you are "Out of Bounds" (it completely stops itself & logs you out )
    Pressing in-game keys is intercepted by Temmy, it pauses itself & returns control (avoiding key overlap - preventing detection)
    Temmy will auto log out during any situation using in-game screens (NOT Alt + F4)
    Hide mode: Hides Temmy from your screen, taskbar & notification area while Temmy is running
    Each license of Temmy is made specifically for you & your PC (Custom AES encryption for each user)
    Utilizes a unique driver that grabs your keyboard's PID/VID & sends hardware inputs
    * Temmy masks its activation keys from the rest of your PC using this same driver (Crema won't see any strange inputs)

    Upcoming Features:
    Phone Notifications (50% Complete)
    Healing prompt for additional healing options
    Complete team battle configuration
    More to come!

    Prices for LIFETIME LICENSE of Temmy Bot for 1 PC:
    - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum: $35 (Next 10 users *Discount)
    - Paypal: $40 (Next 10 users *Discount)

    After your purchase you will be invited to the Temmy Discord community!

    Contact me on Discord at Canulae#8352
    and/or PM me here so we can get started!

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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    Hey there, I added you on discord and sent you a PM can’t wait to get started.

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