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    Making the switch from Twitch / Curseforge / Overwolf to Cursebreaker

    Hey everyone.

    Today CurseForge has been sold again, this time to Overwolf. so soon you'll be able to uninstall Twitch, because who uses that hot mess for things other than just updating your wow addons? I didn't. if you did, good on you. I'd rather just go to the twitch website.

    I'm tired of the parade of unknown applications parading their way through the programs list of my system every couple of years. Curse, Twitch, Weakauras companion, TSM app, RaiderIO, TukUI... Its time to pair this list down a little.

    So I went looking, and found an alternative wow addon updater. this updater will replace CurseTwitch, Weakaura Companion, TukUI, and WootBit (wow interface's addon manager.) Its a lightweight, CLI based (Command Line Interface), and Open Source addon manager, and here's how you switch over.

    1 - Download.
    The add-on manager can be found at GitHub - AcidWeb/CurseBreaker: CLI addon updater for World of Warcraft.
    Look on the RIght side of the screen, under Releases. Download for Windows (.exe), Linux (.gz) and macOS (.zip), or the source code. Yes, it's Cross-platform too. (NOTE: The addon developer does mention the Linux and macOS versions are not as well tested. that's on you.)

    2 - Install.
    Literal cake. CurseBreaker.exe is gonna live with Wow.exe, WowClassic.exe or World of put it in the same folder. they gonna be roomies. that's it, you're done. make a desktop shortcut if you like those.

    Now, if you want to make the app look even better (it is a Command-line program, no graphical interface) you can go to the Microsoft Store, and download the Windows Terminal App.
    If you do, the Shortcut for ur desktop is a bit different. Right-click the desktop, new, Shortcut, and in the "type the location of the item" Find the Cursebreaker program. before pressing next, go to the front of the program path, and add "wt " to it. W. T. Space. remove any quotes too.

    For me, The execution path ended up saying "wt d:\world of warcraft\_retail_\CurseBreaker.exe". after the shortcuts made, you can add an icon and stuff. I also changed the start in path to my wow folder too.

    3 - Usage.
    Usage is easy.
    First, you need to add your addons to the program.

    Import command will show you all the addons you have in your addons folder, but not yet added to the program.
    Import Install will update all the addons (see below if you have an addon you want to use an old version of forever until it breaks)

    if you want CurseBreaker to take over all website download functions for curseforge, uri_integration command will write the required shenanigans into the registry.

    A couple of days after you install, you need to update ur addons. okay. run curseforge. and don't touch anything. the addon will wait 5 seconds to make sure u don't want to do something manually, then just take care of that for you. then close. done.


    Say you have an addon. one you don't want to update. they removed a feature you like, and the hell with that. (for me that addon is Leatrix_Plus, and the Viewport option.)
    here's how to have your old addon, and not worry about it.
    You're gonna make a copy of the addon outside the interface folder. then import install all the addons. then use the Uninstall command to remove your addon.
    then simply copy/paste the addon back into the wow folder. and you're set. you can update all addons, except the one you don't want to. until it breaks. Rip, my Viewport. :'(

    If you have questions, ask below and I'll update this guide as needed. tbh I've already switched over (i hated twitch from day one) and I'll answer questions as I can.

    EDITS: adding CurseBreaker to your git for updates is unnecessary. the addon auto-updates each time it is run.
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    Thanks a lot for sharing this guide with us !

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