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    Originally Posted by MACROS4LIFE View Post
    So.... whats going on.
    I found it but I can't close the bugged process. Any help? o.o
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa — ImgBB

    Tried killing the process through CMD? never tried it myself, but I know it should be possible right?

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    Originally Posted by armory236 View Post
    thanks a lot for the update
    is it possible to update Stashie in your Helper to the flexible tabs version? I mean for we could have Fossils/Fragments/Rares related tabs we could select and stash
    Is that Stashie version open source? You can add the link to the repo yourself then (see first post of the thread about the plugin updater). But please also post the link here I am always happy to serve an up to date plugin list. Its currently using Craere's latest version, I am not able to test it currently, due to only having a level 2 character with not too much different items

    Originally Posted by Eroder1 View Post
    Howdy Folks,

    everything works awesome. Has anyone had an issue with the flask routine spamming flasks in the rouge harbor, and\or near minions? I think it's considering them enemies; just wondering if anyone has found a way to prevent this? Also, any way to donate to the project? Sorry if I had missed it.
    I'll note this and look into it.

    Regarding the donate topic:
    1. How can I support this project?
    The best way is to contribute as a developer.
    If you want to donate some money directly to me you can do this here:
    BTC/BCH: 1Hq2mRyRBDVyxV1m1msYmUPMKnMyL61de3
    ETH: 0xd7812e54bf17b1a4506652b6eea6df37b54d79c2
    TRX: TCBqDjEBSXPYQs8zH3Wk5KhxhtiV775rf1
    Keep in mind this is a donation, you wont get anything in return. This will help me justify spending time on this project, but dont give you anything directly.
    Originally Posted by DaFeek View Post
    Has PickIt always performed like it does now? It slow on lowest delays, keeps missing items, clicking after they've been looted, looting interrupts moving when holding down left click, and just feels overall clunky. Just trying to figure out if it's caused by the update or a version difference between this and the other, now closed fork.
    It depends a lot on which version you are using. There are no precompiled plugins here. They are downloaded and compiled during runtime. The default repository linked is a simplyfied version, which is meant to pick all visible items and I cant reproduce your referenced "clunky" behaviour.

    Originally Posted by MACROS4LIFE View Post
    wtffff — ImgBB
    wtf. Thats sinister.
    I just restarted my computer and it says "HUD its already running". What?
    Can't delete the folder as well cause it says its "In use".
    How can I find hud process and try to finish it? There is no hud, loader or anything related to HUD in my ctrl+alt+del process. Help :s
    The hud only checks for processes named "Loader.exe" so there is probably one running with this name.

    I will close this thread, please use the thread for the 3.12 Heist League: https://www.ownedcore.com/forums/mmo...2-release.html (ExileAPI 3.12 Release)

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