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    Diablo 3 Reflection: Reborn! // Updating to 2.0.1 but VANILLA!

    Website: D3 Reflection Website
    Reddit: D3 Reflection Reddit
    Discord: D3 Reflection Discord

    Greetings, Nephalem.

    Today I'm here to announce that the popular D3 Vanilla server, D3 Reflection, will be updating to 2.0.1 in less than 1 month! - This is a very exciting time for Diablo fans, as we believe the majority of players want the features of Diablo RoS (Clans, Communities, PvP, Rifts ect) ALL while the loot system, end-game grind and auction house will still be vanilla at its core. I'll go over a few details here:

    - All accounts and characters will be transferred to the new version (with appropriate conversions).
    - All the content of the new add-on will be available for free.
    - Auction House will continue its work in the game, as before.
    - Changes to "Loot 2.0" will not be introduced - the mechanics of equipment drops will remain close to the vanilla version of the game.
    - Some new in-game activties (Paragon Levels, Nephalem Rifts) will be adjusted relative to the original version, to cause less damage to the balance and economy of the game.
    - This version does not include Necromancer, Kanai Cube, Greater Rifts and new sets of equipment - it is still as close as possible in the original version of the game.
    - Paragon points will be capped at 800, after this level they will be visual levels only (to stop infinite scaling of main-stat) but these will be displayed on our website leaderboards.

    We believe that this project can become the ultimate Diablo 3 experience for everybody, and we hope to see you slaying the demons with us!
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    imposible play, servers busy.

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