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    $23|Gold 4|NA|Best Deal|70% w/r in season 10|11 Hextech Chests

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    Selling North America Gold Level 30+ $23|Gold 4|NA|Best Deal|70% w/r in season 10|11 Hextech Chests
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    Price $: 23
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    lvl 81
    43 champs
    4k BE
    1.7k OE
    10 RP
    11 Hextech boxes
    3 m7 graves shards/2 m6 udyr shards/1 m6 khazix shard
    2 champ shards
    2 skin shards

    High Noon Ashe
    Surprise Party Amumu
    El Macho Mundo
    World Breaker Hecarim
    Sultan Tryndamere
    Dreadknight Garen
    Pentakill Mordekaiser
    Woad Ashe
    Commando Garen
    Assasin Master Yi
    Ionia Master Yi
    Fnatic Karthus
    Riot Girl Tristana
    Moltan Rammus
    Unchained Alistar
    Workshop Shaco

    Private message or add on discord for further information​; #spooky1676
    Pay through Bitcoin for cheaper price

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