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    Eu firemaw(pvp) horde druid feral tank

    -character lvled by myself without useing any exploits mostly lvled at dungeons many quest left to do at open world

    -Tauren Male Druid

    -Good Nickname and Reputation

    -Character transfer available

    -Level 60


    -150 gold

    -300 skinning + Finkle's Skinner

    -Original Email + Secret Question Included (im selling account with email adress )

    -Accounts registered on fake names

    -Sub till 5th February

    - off spec's gear :Wolfshead Helm , Rune of the Guard Captain , Shadowcraft Gloves , Shadpwcraft belt , Impervious Giant , Cape of the Black Baron , Vosh'gajin's Strand , Talisman of Evasion ,Mask of the Unforgiven , The emperor's New Cape , Swiftwalker Boots , Rosewine Circle , Clutch of Andros , Senior Designer's Pantaloons , Flamestider Robes , Burial Shawl , Emerald Flame Ring ,The Hammer of Grace , Omnicast Boots , Ogreseer Fist , Bleak Howler Armguards , Luminary Kilt , Tribal war Feathers of Nature Resistance , Tooth of Gnarr , Ghoulskin Leggings , Shadowcraft Cap , Counterattack Lodestone , Tarnished Elven Ring , Bonecrusher , Mark of Fordring , Cadaverous Armor


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