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    Status: Trade

    Auto grind function?

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    Official Website (Automatic Payment verify through PayPal and serial provide)

    Status : Latest Version- v.14.0.6

    • All resolutions (Full Screen Windowed && Windowed Mode)
    • Auto fishes - auto recognize loot - auto recognize event items (1 or more)
    • auto swap fishing rods
    • Worker Feeding with 3 different methods
    • a simple statistics
    • a nice and powerful single item sniping bot
    • Support for EN ,FR , DE , KR , MENA and Japan-Eng Patch, SEA
    • Support for AZERTY Keyboard
    • New Statistics (Avg Fishing Time , Total Casts , Percentages of Drops)
    • Auto Relog (Supports English Region For Now)
    • Two automatic methods of solving the timing mini bar Choose the best for you
    • Auto Restock and back to spot
    • Central Market
    • (Old Market) a nice and powerful market sniping bot that can snipe multiple items using the Market Registration notification also it can snipe only 1 item stack or single
    • Cooking/Alchemy
    • Task Scheduler that can switch between ur chars to do different activities
    • option to loot only if captcha letters lay between a range for example ( min = 3 , max = 6 ) it will only solve the captcha for the number between those 2 values and will restart fishing if the # of letters < min or > max ( can be useful to increase fishing speed or to look more human while fishing)
    • Auto channel switching every XX mins the bot will pick random server from list of servers u define
    • Auto Pause after XX mins for XX mins
    • Auto kill client when you disconnect
    • Auto Kill game client after XX mins
    • Sniping while fishing Using Maid
    • Delay Before Catching the Fish
    • Semi AFK Fishing
    • Selling Relics while fishing using Maid
    • Auto Relic Scrolls Creating
    • Fish Discarding while AFK Fishing
    • Battle Macro Recorder
    • Book Reading
    • Harpoon Fishing

    Discord channel for better communication:

    HeavenS BDO

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