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    OwnedCore Report #92 - Advanta on Classic >Sponsored by BlazingBoost<

    This week is a special week for the community of OwnedCore. First and foremost we have an interview by one of our greatest exploit contributors, Advanta, where we talk about everything Classic WoW from exploits to predictions on the games future. Also we have a couple community highlights to cover this week including a great gold farming spot in Classic WoW for Priests, Warlocks, and Hunters. On top of this we have a giveaway going on every week for a $25 Amazon Gift Card which I will also cover below and lastly some gaming news from around the globe. Buckle yourselves in this is PACKED.

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    OwnedCore Giveaway

    For the next four weeks OwnedCore will be giving away $25 Amazon Gift Cards. Once per week we will announce a giveaway both on our social media and right here on OC. The entry for each giveaway will differ. This week we homed in on Social Media. Using the website Gleam.io you can do as many entries as you want however you feel comfortable. Next week we will change up the entry system. For more information check the original thread right HERE

    Interview with Advanta

    Advanta is one of OwnedCore's greatest contributors and if you have looked for a gold making guide, a mount farming exploit, or anything under the sun related to WoW you have probably seen his threads here on OC. I have interviewed him many times because his insight on modern day exploitation in WoW is valuable and hearing his opinions on the state of the game, Blizzard, and just other topics regarding WoW seem to be insightful. This time we homed in on the still very popular Classic World of Warcraft. Advanta has been working on both Retail and Classic the last couple months. Enjoy.

    Q:So Classic is officially out. What is your opinion on how it has been? Are you playing?

    A: Mostly a good conversion with some irritating stupid changes. I miss graveyard hopping for example.

    Q:When we last spoke I of course wanted to see if you were going to dabble in Classic not only as a player but for your work on Patreon/Youtube and you said something along the lines of "There isn't much else to find out about Classic". With how gigantic Classic has been, with how small the drop off has been thus far, and with this clear desire to get ahead based on the most recent dungeon-layer abuse ban, have you reconsidered?

    A: There's some cool stuff at the moment to do with classic as opposed to vanilla tweaks. In the longer term of course, no new content means no exploits. So I'm basically of the view that exploitation has a limited future in classic. There's a lot of stuff still to find though.

    Q:Let's talk about the dungeon-layer exploit for a second. First and foremost what is your opinion on layering in general as far as Classic WoW Phase 1 goes?

    A: Really fucking stupid idea. I told my patreons a month before launch that if they wanted to control the economy then they needed to form a syndicate before launch so they could monopolize the whole economy permanently.

    Q:JokerD, the world first 60, combined mage aoe grinding and layer abusing to obtain that feat. Was this a game changer in that most people who didn't realize how big of a deal layering was to the game now knew? It felt to me like JokerD was the beginning of the masses using layering to their advantage up until Blizzard put a CD on it.

    A: It was fairly well established even in the mainstream that layering was a thing and they weren't changing it so to my mind it was just an essential part of the toolbox. I think Jokerd's world first was a great thing for wow in general but also the exploit community.

    Q:What would be your solution to layer abusing? Is Blizzard adding a cooldown that increases everytime you do it the perfect fix? Seems like they took the talent tree gold cost increase and applied it to layering lol.

    A: Cooldowns based on frequent use of layer hopping would have prevented most of the economic issues Blizzard are now going to be stuck with forever. So, yes doing it incrementally would make sense.

    Q:Back to the dungeon layering. Did you know this existed before it was viral across Reddit, Twitch, and even right here on OC?

    A: I could see that being a "xp potion" type clusterfuck of nonsense, and I didn't want to get any one banned, so no I didn't release anything publicly or privately about it. Any time a lynch mob is likely to form it is best
    to stay away from it however lucrative it might be. On a more practical level I had some difficulty separating it from soft resets of mobs when I was testing it out.

    Q:How did nobody find out about this in internal testing? Was this a gigantic oversight on Blizzard?

    A: I don't think Blizzard have any competent testers.

    Q:Were you surprised people were able to perform it not only in dungeons but in raids as well?

    A: I have not been able to verify this worked in raids.

    Q:From what I gather the bans range from 30 days to a year + all loot obtained is gone. Did you see this type of swift punishment coming? Is that type of exploit almost asking for a ban because it is so abusable and so easily trackable by Blizzard? Do you know of any exploits on Classic WoW right now that are as gamebreaking or close to as gamebreaking as dungeon layering that isn't completely viral yet?

    A: Once a lynch mob developed on the official forums that becomes inevitable. Before, not so much. There have been exploits like this before eg Talon King's famous Rivendare exploit which Blizzard just quietly nerfed without bans.

    Q:I see you have some gold making stuff already on your Patreon. Do you have any more on the way? It seems a lot of people really want to get their mounts at 40 and their epic mounts at 60 asap.

    A: Yes I do. There are several dupe-like things I'm aware of. I didn't really think of the dungeon layering as a particulary major exploit, there's more interesting stuff out there, though it depends on what your goals are.

    Q:You talk about this permanent economic damage. Could you go into a little bit more detail on that? What kind of damage has been done, how, etc?

    A: The inventory the bigger syndicates will acquire during layering will last for years at least. It means more or less permanent oversupply of items relative to actual vanilla making farming post-layering less profitable.

    Q:How has your fans reacted to your Classic content on Patreon? Do you expect to put any of it on Youtube in the future?

    A: Two people clearly resented the focus on classic since launch. I can understand that-not everyone wants to play it. The truth is I haven't abandoned retail, it is just comparatively easier to find exploits on classic with retail's current patch having most of its bugs already discovered. I expect to cover both equally in the near future-if necessary I'll employ someone to help but right now it seems I can do both.

    Q:Now that we have a decent look at Classic, its community feedback, lack of early drop off compared to most's theories pre-release, what do you think the future of Classic will be for both exploitation but also gameplay wise.

    A: Exploitation-wise its been similar to a major retail expansion. Lots of new systems that don't work, fun items to glitch etc. Gameplay wise I hope it heralds a return to a more RPG-like immersive style of slower paced content. When Nostalrius went down I thought there was a billion dollar opportunity to come up with a new game like that-I actually started asking around for software developers to see if we could do something. I didn't really expect Blizzard to be the prime mover, I though it would be some indie start-up with a great vanilla like game.

    Q:There is a lot of debate on what will happen after the last patch of Classic WoW. Will BC come next, will there be nothing, or maybe Blizzard will pull an Old School Runescape and add Classic content after Naxx. What do you think will happen? What do you want to happen?

    A: I wouldn't actually mind new classic content if they do it within the spirit of vanilla. I can see why others hate the idea though. I personally would favour leaving classic servers alone permanently. Then introduce BC as a separate game. I think that is what they actually will do - it will likely be the most profitable option.

    Q:Do you have any guessed on when Phase 2 would be out? I know some streamer/hardcore guilds have content on "farm" but with the majority of the playerbase not even 60 do you think Blizzard will wait a good while before releasing P2?

    A: You expressed my personal thoughts there, they'll want most players at max level before rolling out further changes.

    Q:Speaking of hardcore guilds. What were your thoughts when the guild Apes from EU downed Ony and Rag before the week 1 reset? A lot of debates came from this between retail vs private server players on social media after this went down. "You said Classic was hard" vs "We knew Rag would go down week one with 1.12 gear

    A: It was a disngenuous argument frankly. From what I recall no one had actually been saying that raiding was hard in vanilla. Leveling is harder. Preparation, organization of raids was harder. The mechanics were easy and everyone I recall who had an opinion on the matter said so. It is interesting that before classic was released there was this fringe element of classic zealots who were a bit obnoxious and tended to hijack every wow-related discussion. Now it seems to be that there is an equiavlent fringe faction of retail zealots.

    Q:In the beginning of Classic there was that whole 10 man dungeon raid farming going on. Eventually it was nerfed but were you surprised something like that wasn't already made aware to be broken with how long the Beta lasted all summer?

    A: Not really. They had no real beta testing. It was essentially a long twitch promotion for classic. As far as I can tell Blizzard threw every report they got into the digital wastepaper bin.

    Q:Let's talk realm transfers and queuecraft. Did Blizzard underestimate Classic's popularity even after such a hype beta-filled summer with tons of viewership on Twitch?

    A: Is going on a new server asking for a dead server? A lot of people were afraid to leave their 6 hour queues week 1 because of possible drop-off's killing newer servers.

    Q:How do you feel about the realm transfers they added? Were you surprised they were free? Seemed odd they limited the server you could transfer to down to only 1 new server and not a new server of choice. It seemed a lot of friend groups ended up separated on Classic's Launch due to queue time tolerance.

    A: They may have wanted to limited to cross-server arbitrage which is definitely a big thing. I was surprised they went for free - arbitrage is very powerful in retail but the price tag puts people off even though it is easy to make money over and above the fee.

    Q:There was a post on the Brazilian World of Warcraft Facebook page that has since been taken down regarding hitting 60 in Classic rewarding a free BFA expansion. Do you think this actually will exist and that they just posted it too early? I feel like it could be a great marketing scheme to get people who are strictly Classic to maybe give BFA a shot.

    A: I'd have thought it was a no-brainer. To be honest with leveling as it is in retail I think it has to be mandatory to offer a way of circumventing leveling.

    Q:For all of us broke players. Could you give any tips/hints right here for making some gold?

    A: As you know my patreons get exclusive access to my gold exploits so I can't give away too much, but right now you can't go far wrong with using layering jumps to farm rare nodes. It is very much a buyers market-the price of everything will go up after layering so unless you plan to only play classic for a short period you must invest literally everything into the rarer mats whose supply will dry up soon. For this reason grinding any raw gold is a good idea-the gold per hour isn't that important at this stage-the main thing is you have gold to invest. Imagine you knew say bitcoin was going to go up to a million dollars a coin in a few months-you'd work in mcd's happily for a month or two if that was the only way to make money because the payoff on that will be spectacular.

    I want to thank Advanta for his time. Hopefully everybody enjoyed the interview!

    Community Highlights

    Classic WoW Dupe for Skinners by tmanowen

    Thread found HERE

    How to TP around the world in Classic WoW by Shiekrunner123

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    50g+ per hour for Locks, Hunters, Priests by Unhappy

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    TSM 4 Classic Paste Bin by Kazzula

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    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    World of Warcraft

    • As you can see in the pic above the first Hand of Rag in the world has been made by Kembria of the guild Senseless.

    • Also in Classic WoW News. It seems today 9/23/2019 the Torch Runs in BRD have been nerfed but there is no blue post addressing it. This was the go to way to speed level from 52-60. The mobs were giving around 20 experience per kill and now apparently give none according to some chats I have read. Keep your eyes peeled for the Blue Post.

    • Remember the DDOS attacks last weekend on WoW? According to Blizzard a suspect for this DDOS attack is in custody. Hopefully more news on this by next weeks Report will be out

    • The next content update for BFA comes out...tomorrow. This was announced only a couple days ago and came as a surprise for many. What does this content update include?

    - Worgen and Goblin Character Models Update

    - Bee Mount

    - Party Sync

    More details on these three things can be found in the official Blizzard thread

    Clips of the Week

    South Park Got it Right

    Shroud is back at it again

    I wish we all had this Classic WoW Experience

    Gnome sentenced to death via firing squad

    Noted: Don't gank Asmongold

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